A Poem by Rhonda Harris

2/13/2012 User Submitted


The following photo and poem was sent to us by Rhonda Harris. The poem is an original work Rhonda presented to Coretta Scott King on April 3, 1984 at the Drum Major Awards in Atlanta, GA. By Rev. Emanuel Cleaver.


From the Beginning of His Birth

God named him Martin Luther King, Jr.

His life was to bring *Light Unto Men

The Light is Jesus

His life of many Trials and Tribulations

Bear witness of that *Light,

But man was blind and understood not

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a DRUM MAJOR for JUSTICE,

through Nonviolence

His message---PEACE and LOVE be in Every Mans Heart,

regardless of circumstances

Followed by Christian Works

His Dream---

One Day, All Men, Regardless of Race, Creed, Color, or Religion

Would Walk Together as Brothers

Hand in Hand, Singing

Free At Last

Free At Last

Thank God Almighty,

We Are Free At Last.


Thank You Jesus.

Written by Rhonda Harris. Copyright 1983.