Martin Luther King’s Legacy for Today

by Martin Luther King III.

I am humbled, gratified and overjoyed at the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in commemoration of my father’s leadership. It of course means a lot to our family. But more important, it is a great step forward for America.


“Jobs, Justice and the American Dream”

From a speech by Martin Luther King, III.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is most well-remembered for his “I Have a Dream” speech, as well as his leadership of the American Civil Rights Movement. But I must take this opportunity to affirm that he was also a steadfast champion of the American labor movement. And when the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is dedicated…we will be honoring an American leader who not only lost his life in a labor union struggle, but one who also strongly supported unions as a central part of his ongoing commitment to social and economic justice.


A Dream Anew

by Cory Booker. Mayor of Newark

Last week, I was in Atlanta for a day. I went directly from the airport to meet Congressman John Lewis at the King Center, where he and I were to be filmed for a program that Henry Lewis Gates is putting together about our ancestry. As I juggled cell phones dealing with urgencies back in Newark, I approached the visitor’s center and instantly felt that I was upon hallowed ground. Amidst greeting producers, the cameraman, museum staff and others, I gathered the gravity of the moment. I stood on sacred soil, in a hall of historic memory across from the legendary Ebenezer Baptist Church, and feet away from Dr. King’s final resting place. And I stood, waiting for Congressman John Lewis, a true American hero — one of my heroes.


What Dr. King’s Speech Might Have Sounded Like Today

by: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Representative, 2nd District of Illinois

Tonight, or in the very near future, I want everyone within the sound of my voice to read or re-read Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech — a speech that I usually refer to as his “Insufficient Funds or Bounced Check” speech.