Camp NOW


CampNOWTM is a summer youth camp which is on its sixth summer of teaching youths about the importance of nonviolence. This year the dates for the camp are June 19-30. Students, ages 13 to 18, enjoy at CampNOW™ a two-week summer program that empowers them to embrace a lifestyle of Nonviolence365™ days of the year. We do this by teaching them real life strategy sessions, nonviolent game and app development, and mobile film production from a nonviolent lens. Teens get equipped with the necessary tools to exemplify Dr. King's nonviolent philosophy as a lifestyle. 

Click image above to see the CampNOW experience.

Click the image above to see the CampNOW experience.


CampNOWTM students were able to explore how technology can be used to promote nonviolence. The students were taught by experts how to code, create apps, experiment with robots, and make their own movies all in alignment with Nonviolence365TM.

“Using technology, we can promote the message of nonviolence not only on a local or national scale, but globally. We can start conversations in different countries on Dr. King’s nonviolence methodology and how we as youth can conduct ourselves in a nonviolent manner,” stated Jediah Johnson, a CampNOWTM student.

The students went on a Civil Rights Tour in Birmingham, Alabama. They had the opportunity to visit the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church and the 16th Street Baptist Church. They also attended a panel discussion at Alabama State University with civil rights leaders Reverend Robert Graetz and Doris Crenshaw. The students also participated in a service-learning project planting a garden. The two-week camp rounded out with the students presenting their movies, reflecting on their experiences, and how they will apply the lessons their learned to their everyday lives.

“I will apply these teachings that I have gotten in this camp in my everyday life by showing them to other people and expressing them through my words and my actions. And letting other people know about this camp so they have an opportunity to come and learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. too," CampNOWTM student Colin West shared.

At the end of the camp each student received a certificate of completion presented to them by Dr. Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center and daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King.

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