Dr. King Today

Dr. King’s Importance to the 21st Century

Today, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is known the world over as perhaps the greatest champion of freedom, justice, equality and peace ever known. He is revered from small villages to great halls of power, and his name is invoked by countless social causes and movements. Schoolhouses and community centers from Boston to Bosnia bear his name, and in the United States, he is the only non-president with a national holiday dedicated in his honor.

And yet, in many ways the true power of his legacy remains untapped. Children across the country celebrate his life with a day off from school each year, but too many don’t understand the reasons why. Americans respect his achievements in ending segregation, but for many his teachings end at “I Have a Dream.” And across the globe, men and women of all ages know his name as a past benefactor of mankind, but not necessarily as a source of relevance to their current lives.

Through our efforts over the years, the King Center has witnessed firsthand the unrivaled power – and untapped potential – of Dr. and Mrs. King’s legacy. Their teachings have helped bridge divided communities in the U.S., and offer a chance for dialogue amongst bitter rivals abroad. We have seen it bring hope and promise to young people in Africa, and dreams of peace to presidents grappling with war. Although many things have changed since the Civil Rights Movement, the remedies proposed by Dr. King – nonviolence, service and hope – remain as relevant as ever.

As we enter the second decade of the new century, the King Center is dedicated to bring those teachings to a new generation to empower them to address the critical issues of our times, including poverty, injustice and war, the “triple evils” Dr. King identified and addressed during his life.

To be housed within this ‘MLK Today’ section, these documents will draw the connections between what Dr. King wrote, said and did during his own time, and how it relates to ours. We believe that by doing so, we can inspire a new generation to act and help ensure that Dr. King’s values live on in the modern era, and for all time. These will be posted as they become available, so make sure to check back soon!