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My Dream Is

Dreams near, dreams far, the Scope of dreams for an individual or for the Massive human Race of striving for a Better, Brighter Day, along the way of making the very best out of each and everyday that A Precious God Created for each and everyone who take that Challenge head on Cause the torch has been Passed on, from those who went before who left us an unremarkable Example come hell or high water, we must do by exemple, stand strong, with understanding we have a Torch to pass on of Faith in a Mighty king, Courage of a mighty man exemplified, strong woman who stood Side by side, like Mother Mary, the other Mary that, He cast out seven, great kings have come and gone, yet the same Dream is Eternal till its Here on Earth as it is in the Heavenly kingdom. My Dream Heaven here on Earth must come. 1/29/13QA