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My Dream Is

My dream is to one day not feel racial divide in situations of an everyday nature; people not saying this is the bad side of town because it is predominantly black or this must be HUD housing because of a noticeable amount of single mothers. I also see this for all races; not humming a banjo tune upon entering a trailer park or feeling no harm will come to you in a gated county club. I dream of a time when an interracial couple is looked at as a couple; the fact of their different races is unnoticeable in that it’s not the first thing to come to mind. A time when people do not assume certain people are at management level due to affirmative action but rather of their own devices. A time when Latin women aren’t expected to be maids and Latin men aren’t expected to be lawn care workers but rather any profession one could imagine. I believe this dream is within reach but yet still lifetimes away.