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My Dream Is

The Path of the King, king. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A true Measure of a king that once here in earth that actually sought Peace, pursued Peace, I would say his Passion came from thinking of his seeds that he Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Would be leaving behind, even though he in the end receive the Torch, to take it further then any other in that place and time could have gone, he didn't Rest till he made it to the doors of Legislation to require that it was ill legal to hang, to bomb, to Lynch or kill in any form of the Human Race, would ask what was Rev. Dr. M.L.K.Jr. seeing to know that that is the Greatest Purpose of the Non Violence that them and all could have ever Achieve for the B.A. Human Race, this is the greatest Example of Non Violence, this was the Greatest Example to not allow your good to be overcome with evil; to press through such Demonic evil, that went Far beyond non violence, to the torture, rape, bombing, tyranny, from a people that if it was not a literally Law that say you do not have a right to do such ill out of free will; R. Dr. MLK Jr. Got the legislation that says you don't have to like a people, you didn't have to Approved of a people, or to love a people, but it is forevermore Illegal to Kill. You might need to take a deeper Cogitations of what just that one law, that has open such a Door to the saving or bettering of a human Race from another that used it as a sport at times. While we go on to say let's Respect each other, let's seek to understand each others rights and Privacy, cause these things are even a requirements into and of the kingdom of God that's set in Heaven, that shall never be destroyed, a Blessing in the NewWine Destroy it not, QA, The Eternal King world is built on it. 2/12/13