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My Dream Is

( Makayla)My Drean in life is to join the medical career to become a RN,after i become a RN i would like to join acting and singing career, i do more singing than acting i actually think im a pretty good singer.I hope to get Famous for what i have done.And if i am well at being an RN i would become a famous RN. I always to grow up and have a great family.i want to travel alot of places view lots of things,I wanna see what Africa looks like how their life is.I wanna see Cuba how Cuban life is,I have a deam that on day i will be able to visit china to see the factory where they make their items to bring to the USA.Right now i live in Alabama and Texas i go back and forth.I'm hoping one day i could move to California one day maybe see the famous stars on the ground.Im hoping that one day my family could be in a big house that would suit their needs.I have a dream that one day my grandmother wont be limping and cry because she cant walk well on her to feet.and wont have to grab everything in her path to hel pher stand.That she would be able to get around the house more safly.That is my dream and my goals.