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My Dream Is

I have a dream I, along with every single person on this planet, have dreams. They are as many as they are diverse. However, I will only focus on one of them, for the purpose of this essay. And that dream is: I hope that in my lifetime, Humanity will reach out to the stars and begin the long and arduous process of colonizing space. I honestly believe that we are on the verge of a new golden age for mankind, one that will not soon be forgotten. Be it a radical step (such as sending people to Mars or the Moon permanently), or a small experiment (on orbit), I think that the colonization of space is crucial to our existence in the near future. At the rate technology is advancing, it could take 100 years (or maybe less) until what today is considered science fiction, to become a tangible reality. While it is a very bold and ambitious endeavor, it must be done for the survival and prosperity of mankind. With luck, my descendants will live in a time where Earth will no longer be our only home. Perhaps, their children will not be Earthlings at all, but native to Luna, Mars or wherever the colonies may exist! However, I am well aware that in order to “step” into space, we must first sort out our affairs down on Earth, and with the way things are going, that goal is nowhere in sight. But then again, one can dream, can he not?