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My Dream Is

My dream is to be free. My dream is to be able to live however I want with no obstacles, no barriers, no laws. Rules exist to be broken. People should fight to be free of this system. I cannot sit idly by when there are roofless and homeless people on the streets and closed empty buildings. When there are unemployed skilled workers living on the State, while others are working 24/7, and recieving a few cents. When we have men dying for secret government agendas. Quoting Jacque Fresco «The world we live in is very sick - we are not civilized yet.» We are all human. The only standarts we should follow are inside our hearts and consciences. That is what being free means. That is my dream. Living in a united world with a resource based economy, where we can all communicate properly with nature - following only the rules of good, present in the conscience and hearts of us all. This is my dream.