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My Dream Is

My dream is put a "Big Truck" (semi tractor/trailer combo) on the road called, The People's Truck. The truck would be equipped with a stage, sound system, and video system. The truck would have several purposes. One purpose would be to help inform and educate voters and help become active and engaged voter citizens. Another purpose would be to hold "Town Hall" type meetings in towns and cities large and small. The intent is to get citizens talking and dialoguing with each other about some of the serious issues facing America today. Some of these issues include election and campaign finance reform, healthcare, financial reform, tax reform, and labor reform. The assumption is that almost everyone can see what the issues and problems are. I believe if we can drill down to the heart of these issues, we'll find there are more things that unite us than there are that divide us. The one over-riding goal of The People's Truck, is to be a tool that's used to build "a more perfect union." More info at: