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My Dream Is

I heard Mrs. King speak about gun violence and was inspired by her words "until the last gun is silent". I have a dream that one day my poetry and even my life will be of greatness to someone. I just want everybody's story to be told and I want people to have self-respect as well as respect for others. And there is so much more but for now I want all of our people to become one again. So I wrote this... When the last gun is silent The world will know peace They will appreciate the struggles that brought about the American dream When the last gun is silent Future generations will not have to experience so much violence They won't have to rise before dawn at the sound of a siren When the last gun is silent Young boys and young girls will finally awake to the wisdom that was given They will see the importance of the force of love that was driven When the last gun is silent Mommas and Daddies will have the joy of parenthood again The thought of their sons and daughters having less chances at being sent to a state pen. When the last gun is silent The old folk will rejoice in knowing that their march on Washington was imperative to someone And the leaders of today and yesterday will be proud to see what their work has done When the last gun is silent This nation will have a sense of its own values And when the last gun is silent Dr. King's famous words will have a fulfilling truth. -Abrea J. P