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To become a marketing business executive holding a supervisory position. Personally, I would like to be a proud mother and wife

To have freedom and 1,000 Bayblades

My dream is to be a successful college graduate, so that I can give back to the community...

My dream is to elevate my walk with God. Encouraging, building up not tearing down my fellow man. Believing in me and Loving more on me and others...

We draw closer to the reality of Martin Luther King's vision for us as a people

My dream is for everyone to be able to grow up and get a good education.

to meet one direction and mary jack mooney

To see the world continue the progress of love, truth and develop a world where all people are equal at all times.

to learn everything, make the most of each opportunity I am afforded, and take what I know to teach others. I want to share all that I have and serve all that I can! Sarah Eau Claire, WI

my dream is that people will be treated fairly and with respect

is to write a number one best sella BOOK by The End of December 2013

To grow up and be a famous cariagrapher [Ra'Shawn]

To one day come in unity with all of God creation one God under one nation freedom to Love the unlovable the peace of God within all race.

that women across the world can live without the fear of violence and receive access to education, food and medicine.

My dream is to be happy, treat everyone with respect, live on this earth with all nationalities, make goals and dreams for myself and others Calvin

My dream for the community is to allow every person to have food, so there will be less hunger.

For Everybody to Be treated the same Phoenix

For everyone to have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

to share laughter, food, song and prayer with all people, and with all Joy.

to get rid of self doubt.