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I want to see Dr. Martin King -Raif 1st grade

Peace. All over the world.

to be happy and successful.

For the world to live in peace and harmony.

no wars Benjamin

to empower people to live debt free and to promote wealth. This wealth will be used only to help improve our youths lives in all areas.

My dream is that all people will one day be together in harmony. My dream is also that i may be everything and even more for my family now my family to come. Tyler

Myydream is for the people tobe jubilant an celebrate each day "THEDREAM"...

To always be happy and grateful no matter what challenges in life may be thrown my way.

Watch me grow learning cent. That all of my students become life long learners also that 2 will remaina great educator. Cynthia Mont

I have a dream that no child in the world will be hungry.

I have a dream that people in the US will not only consider their own needs with their abundant time, talents & treasures, but also the needs of their "neighbor," esp. those of whom...

to become the very best, like no one ever was.

My dream for our country is to keep all of the people who are fighting for our county safe. These people do so much for us, the least we could do is help them be safe. -Taylor

My dream is to -publish 3 books -Graduate College -become a psycologist -Kiera

my dream is to be a polic and to be in ahouse.

Being a prfeshional dancer and singer. And helping others.


My dream is to enact change for the better for all people through education, social consciencesness and organized action rooted in love. Anthony.

that my daughters will have all the opportunities in life, academincally, socially and economically that all Americans should have. I want them to dream big and have few roadblocks to achieve it.