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that one day animals will be respected and that people will appreciat animals.

My dream is for peace and love in the entire world and the end to wars.

I have a dream that one day i will be able to help everyone that is in need in the United States, but that will mean that i will have to be rich and have a good job. I have a dream that I will have a...

To travel globally teaching financial literacy and economics to students and adults in low-to-moderate income communities. To ensure that everyone create wealth & build sustainable neighborhoods.

We will be free forever.

My dream is to help special needs children around the world gain education, ateention & love and let the parents of these kids know that there is hope. Love on your special needs child and Gods...

I have a dream that people will stop littering in ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans. I have a dream to stop putting garbage on the trees and the plants. I have a dream that there won't be garbage...

to live a life of total freedom financially, emotionally and spiritually. To live a life of pure bliss and be remembered when I'm gone as a righteous friend. And when I arrive in Heaven for God...

Write a history of African American servicemen during the Vietnam era.

To have contributed to the unification of two Koreas in the near future - Yeoi

for my children to be as happy and as fortunate as I have been personally, professionally, and otherwise.

to help people recognize their greatness!

I hope that America can become stronger and more powerful.

That our children's children grow with a mindset that everyone is equal regardless of race, creed or color...

I have a dream for my children that is no different than the one for my children that my mother and father had for me- to be the best you can be with what God has given you and to never be afraid to...

want to be a college student and also wanna be a good singer. a good singer for my country.

My dream is that all children in the US of A will have the encouragement to dream and the opportunity to work to fulfill their dreams. Their spiritual, economic, and personal dreams.

To be a basketball player

My children to grow up in a better world than we live in today. Peace, Prosperity, & Happiness to all further generations!

To be the President of the United States of America! -DB