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My dream is to become a psychologist and attend Virginia Tech University and recieve my Doctorate Degree. This dream would be impossible without the help of Dr.Martin Luther King and many more.

within my lifetime obstacles to true equality in education are removed for my grand children.

Peace in the Middle East

I would like to save animals that have problems. MCB

to a great example for my children. To teach them about love, respect and pride. My dream is for my family to love one another.

My dream for my community is for that everyone will get together at least once a year and we can do community service. I want people to know that they are cared for so they can feel better about...

My dream is for everyone to get along [Kristian]

to make a difference in the life of others and to be a good example to my children so that they ultimately learn how to love, appreciate, and accept people from all walks of life -Carolyn Tallahassee...

For a world to unite under a common value....LOVE. for everyone to remember the value of love and caring. to show compassion and faith. Peace and Happiness are always my Prayer.

my dream is that there will be more kindness and we will be able to speak to people calmly and not be aggressive and people will not worry about being like someone else but become their own person...

My dream is that no wars or nuclear wepons or any of that. i wish their is world peace, and what i win the lottery

quality healthcare; that people be valued on the basis of who they are rather than what they have; that my familty feels safe and secure, without concerns of hateful acts, discrimination, or unfair...

go to micmusicians institute [Dokdo]

Peace, happiness for all mankind end poverty and homelessness economic stability better improved equality public education.

My dream is that one day GOD is recognized and honored again in the public school system.

to make the world a better place like not shooting. Sarai

My dream is to live a successful, healthy, helpful, and god-giving life

A world where everyone is treated fairly and equal. Color is embraced, not ignored because that is unreasonable to believe. And we all work together for the mutual benefit of one another

Our dream is to avoid ignorance, to do the right thing, because you know ignorance is not really you, you may be setting a bad example. Our dream is to avoid fighting and be calm without violence,...

My dream is that the world will embrace Dr. King's dream and that someday we will all live in peace...