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To be rich and have kids and be happy married.

Great education, work opportunities, housing, art, and goodwill will exist for all individuals and cultures in our country and in the world.

Peace and equal opportunity for all Wayne

do good in school and meet new friends.

I want to help make a change in the world like Dr. M. L. King. To make the world a better place. Kamani 1st Grade

To awaken from te nightmare of self deception and self hatred and remember myself and others as we were created

My Dream is to one day be a NFL star & own my own resturant & to be a father of two boys.

That one day we will always be able to see God's GLORY in each other! : )...

My dream is that some day there will be no more drug, alchol or tobacco users! If no one smokes it won't pollute or kill anyone anymore! If no one uses drugs or alchohol, people will not be...

I have a dream that one day people will not be afraid of the difference they see in others who are not like them, but will embrace it as an adventure and an exciting opportunity to learn something...

I have a dream that there will be world peace and that I will be successful in life and that racism will be abolished.

To be a professional soccer player.

For all people to have freedom of opporunity. Thank you Dr. King -Carey J.

To become a lawyer. After I've made enough money, I will own a resturant or clothing store. Before I will become a lawer I will go to eigther Columbia, Harvard, Prinstien, or Yail for collage...

My dream is for everyone to be equal. No matter what. No matter the religion, the race, the gender, or sexuality.

For World Peace and World Hunger

Is for greater equality socio-economically. People to be well compensated for hard word. Greater appreciation and LGBT civil rights solidified.

that All Children have beautiful lives. Psalm 37:4

My daughter;s successful music career and place and love in the world

To travel globally teaching financial literacy and economics to students and adults in low-to-moderate income communities. To ensure that everyone create wealth & build sustainable neighborhoods.