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My dream is to rid the world of capitalism and capitalistc ideals. Capitalism can not exist without racism, capitalism is built off the upper class feeding on the lower class...

Tina Marie- My dream is to fulfill God's will be all means. To be a messenger of Our Holy Father

Is for everyone to come together

My dream for our country is that people respect laws.

To invoke transformation within myself and continue to strive towards my full potential via greater awareness...

is that everyone feels loved and that everyone is treated equal

to provide my children with a future full of infinite possibilities for their lives.

That bullying will stop worldwide.

To give people any but they need.

bring abused animals to shelters

Help my sister [ID]

My dream is to go to the University of Texas and become a lawyer.

I want to learn English because it is important, to travel and to meet new places.

to Be a nurse and to help.

To someday see our nation be guilty of demonstrating equality that is genuine & diverse in all areas of life

My dream for our community is to have everyone to get the education they need because everyone deserves great education...

My name is Adonys and my dream is to one day in the near future book a role as a regular on an awesome funny T.V. production!!

My dream is to one day open my own school ~ a school that challenges all students to excel academically, to become leaders of tomorrow, and to live the legacy of Dr. King's beliefs.


I have a dream that one day I can have a great and steady career. -Summer Robson -Dolores, CO