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MY dream is to gothrough life knowing that the struggle in the world gets better that there is light in darkest of places and that iswhere we find smiles

To truly make a difference in someone's life. Help someone today...

that my family will have a grate life so we will live a long time

Mt dream is...there will no more struggles in world. [Miah]

My dream is to follow in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. steps! Happy Birthday Martin [Melodie]

i have a dream that i will pass school and become a beautision or a teacher

I have a dream that we can get all the mad people ot the streets.

To have my own family.

My dream is for the young people of America to embrace each other despite their differences. For teens to stand up to bullies and defend each other. I dream of a world where young people do not feel...

One day my daughters heritage will not be contained to checking boxes, but only the ability to all just be American.

To grow up and be a educated woman. To love others as they love me [Aerieal]

My 2012 comp is sufficient to cover increased cost of living - medical, cost etc. Healthy life.

to raise my children to be good citizens.

to be a superstar! So I can help people!

That people will always have fair rights

To open a home for young single mothers. Open a Christian retreat Center.

That all will know abba.

My dream is to get good grades in school and become a doctor.

My dream is that we will live in a world where we aren't seen as just by our race or religion or sexuality, but we are accepted and judged by who we are and how we act...

to become move 2 move compassionate toward my Faith and community. I pray that our savior give me the more words of ministry. I want to become a Pastor again. (Thank you Lord)