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To Be an foot Ball Player, and be very famous.

My dream for our community is peace and to end hunger. Austin

my dream is that every one are like brothers and sisters. And there should be no favoritism.

My dream is to stop all the killing robbing and to have a black woman president. Also to have nice communities and everybody to get along with each other.

My dream is to see a world in which everyone is embraced and treated equally, in which there peace and no violence.

My dream is that equality will be realized for all persons regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation....that differences will be seen as contributions to the betterment of...

I dream that me and my friend Jada are going to be best friends forever.

That we all come to the table together. Make his dream come true!!

My dream is to live a good life and to love everybody, (that's my dream, Bruce)...

To do what I feel like to be treated nice

I dream of healthy and peaceful workplaces where we strive to hold each other up.

To care audout white people and black people to get

My dream is to meet Dr. Martin Luther King and [Illegible] on the sea of glass -Mrytle

To become the woman that my father, Johnny B Crawford of Houston, Texas and Dr. King would expect. To serve humanity and help others to become their best! [Rhonda]

Is to be happy and find love

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I have a dream I will become successful and make lots of money

I dream of the day when the prayer of Jesus is answered. He asked God to "make them one, as You and I are one." He was talking about mankind. This will happen one day, and I want to be...

I have a dream to become a NBA player becuase I really want to play hard. When I become a NBA player I have to be really good and play hard. Once I am in the NBA I can give out charity.