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141 dreams to explore

That people will always have fair rights

to save all the animals and stop hunting

My dream is to have the best job, life ,and family . When i grow-up .

that i can contribute to the solutions to the world problems.

that one day animals will be respected and that people will appreciat animals.

to Stop animal abuse

My dream for our world is that we keep it clean so that we have water that isn’t polluted, and we don’t have sea animals dyeing from the pollution. Billy.

that endangered species will not be endangered anymore.

I have a dream to stop poaching.

My dream is that some day we can stop Animal cruelty


my dreams are to help people get homes,animals to be safe, to clean up the environment for me to get respect and last but not least is to have a good time with my family. haley

My dream is to help animals. Some animals are endanger. To keep them alive, I will do things I can do. Helping animals that are endanger is good for the environment. They are meant to be there. If...

my dream is to stop pouching

go to the zoo.

my dream is that everyone stops animal cruelty

My dream is to decome a vet and save animals

My Dream is to save the Amur Leopard and stop animal cruelty across the world. Also I will build animal shelters and help stray animals find homes

i dream that one day everyone will be nice to one another..

To be a better a basketball player