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Dreams: Animals

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that all dogs have homes

I unicorns and bunnies a pony -Leighton

Catch Bass

I could live life like Santa and Jackfrost and the reindeer.

to peple walk

I have a dream that there would be no such thing as animal abuse. I wish that animals could have great homes, and be treated right. :)

that police and animals would not be mean. Landen

Taniyah - A pony and I sat on the pony

My dream is to have the best job, life ,and family . When i grow-up .

to Find a New species of any animal as a Zoologist and Have my own mansion

to help save all the dogs and puppy's from puppy mills.

My dream is to stop all poachers and hunters killing all the innocent animals in forests and jungles.

My dream for our country is to stop animal abuse because I love animals and I don’t know who would want to abuse them.

My dream is for all animals to be in a happy and safe environment:)!

for every person's soul and spirit to feel free for everyone to feel deeply, vibrantly, brimmingly ACTIVE!...

to have a pet Leopard and have a pet snake

i dream that people wont hurt animals. that kids wont be abused. every body would be happier it would improve the econmy because the people wont be hurt nor animals.

My dream for our community is to have much less pollution, and trash everywhere as that waste goes into our waterways, and kills all of our precious wildlife. Gabe

i have a dream. that all animals get equality because we are all animals how do you think if your family moved with out you

My dream is: That all animals will not be neglected, beaten to death or held against their will to be in a fight.