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to have a pet Leopard and have a pet snake

My dream for our world is to give more aid to our oceans and its wild life.

I have a dream that one day I will make a difference in the lives of many animals ,and our environment. I'm going to study Environmental Science and go to Veterinarian school when I am in...

My dream is for people to have a respect for all life tod the way we get our food and building a conscientious appreciation for what animals sacrifice to feed us and be our companions. And,...

My dream is to be a lawyer and be successful in life.

my dream is to stop pouching

That people will always have fair rights

my dream Is to be happy

My dream is no more killing wild animals.

Alex I want to Be A VET

Is to open up my own non-profit animal rescue.

To stop the kill shelters from killing animals

My dream is to go to college and earn an accounting degree, then eventually work my way up to a financial planner. Then I want to own a lot of rabbits.

My dream is to make my parents happy and do something to stop animal cruelty

"I have a Dream that one dayall living creatures are treated as equals and we humans become responsible for all natural resources in this beautiful planet we call home" I HAVE A DREAM. *...

Taniyah - A pony and I sat on the pony

My dream is to be a Vetronarian. I want to be a vet becouse I want to make a difference in the live of animals. The best part is that it would be cheep.-Wiley

My dream for our community is to have much less pollution, and trash everywhere as that waste goes into our waterways, and kills all of our precious wildlife. Gabe

to Stop animal abuse

my dream is to help other people with a lot of things like cooking,shoping for food and my other dream is to be A basketball player I love.