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My dream is to be either a marine biologist or zoologist when I am older.

My dream to have sports all over the world. We should beable to have sports.

my dream is to stop animal abuce,also try to speak to people to not fight and have violence,help people with hunger,i belive in world peace, people should never had been slaves...

Im going to help save wildlife from being killed or abused. Im also going to help endworld hunger and give people hope. Im also gonna help depressed people be happy once again. Im also going to help...

my dream is to stop animal cruelty !

I dream that one day I don't have to turn on the News and hear how everyone is buying more guns and ammunition after a school shooting...

my dream is that everyone stops animal cruelty

For each person to take the responsibility to end suffering - do not harm others physically or emotionally, do not harm animals, and help those who are less fortunate. If we all just did the "...

that endangered species will not be endangered anymore.

My dream is to help animals be as healthy as they can be.

to save all the animals and stop hunting

i dream that people wont hurt animals. that kids wont be abused. every body would be happier it would improve the econmy because the people wont be hurt nor animals.

I want to help Animals live longer and . I want peopel to watch out for them.

to help save all the dogs and puppy's from puppy mills...

My dream is no more killing wild animals.

To stop animal using for humans selfish reasons (for example, fur coats, moose head display, eating cats and dogs, etc.). E.M.

To raise my two sons to be healthy, happy, successful, quality men so that when they are adults they make sound decisions and live their lives emulating the values with which they were raised.

that everybody treats animals with respect, kindness and most importantly love.

about being a fish. Skylar

my dream is to help other people with a lot of things like cooking,shoping for food and my other dream is to be A basketball player I love.