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Dreams: Animals

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to help save all the dogs and puppy's from puppy mills...

My dream is one day to travel to every continent. I want be able to visit multiple cultures and see their traditions. I plan to do this after college.

To stop the kill shelters from killing animals

that i can contribute to the solutions to the world problems.

to stop animal abuse! MAB

my dream is to stop animal cruelty !

My dream is that some day we can stop Animal cruelty

to peple walk

my dream is to help other people with a lot of things like cooking,shoping for food and my other dream is to be A basketball player I love.

I have a dream that one day I will make a difference in the lives of many animals ,and our environment. I'm going to study Environmental Science and go to Veterinarian school when I am in...

My dream is to have animals live free from the cruelty of the masters that are suppose to love them!. I had a dream that one day the animals shall live free of pain and suffering, they will run about...

My dream is that the food industry stops its cruelty toward animals. It has to be a humane way to feed and cloth the people without having the animals to experience excruciating pain.

My dream is to have a family and have everyone around me who I know and love until the day I die. To me this is the best thing anyone could ask for.

My dream is to be either a marine biologist or zoologist when I am older.

I could live life like Santa and Jackfrost and the reindeer.

my dream is to be point guard for duke blue devils and have a good scholorship most of all I want to graduated from tarboro high and go to duke unversesity and be in the NBA and stop anmial abuse by:...


All animals would be respected and have a warm, safe place to live.

My dream is to be a lawyer and be successful in life.

My dream is no more killing wild animals.