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Dreams: Career Goals

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to become a lawyer & help those who need it. Rich & poor... black & white :) 2012

to fight for my country the United States of America [Bryson]

To get my Phd. and live comfortably, so my mother would not have to work anymore. To take my entire family on a cruise.

My dream is to keep the world safe. Harry

Hellen My Dream is to be the best nurse ever.

My dream is to become a successful songwriter and have people draw hope and peace and understanding from my songs...

My dream get the best education possible and to be successful in life. I want to be able to pursue a career in architecture or medicine and live my dream to the fullest.

My Dream is to become a clinical psychologist, start my own practice, and specialize in war victims and people with mental illnesses

my dream is to be a chief police Imani

Become a successful pharmacist and always prove to myself that I am capable of anything as long as i put my mind to it

My dream is to become a nurse. Get married and have two kids, a girl and a boy. -Jazz

To be the president fo the United States [Uriya]

My dream is to be an artist -Tiachi

my dream is that people will be treated fairly and with respect

My dream is I was a paster. I help people. and live my life and be happy like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


My dream is to end all wars and be an President

To become a doctor. Rebecca

I dream to become professional football player. Jaylin

to grow up and be a successful business woman [Tristin]