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I have a dream that one day i will be a lawyer and I will be in a courtroom helping and also supporting other people so they will not go to jail or prsion I had a dream that i will one day be famous...

I have a dream that the world would be peaceful everyone would be treated the same and for a happy problemb free world. The day that we all realize that we all have more that just to just not like...

My dream is to become a proffesional soccer player and also to be a engineer so i could build a ton of stuff and build houses for the homeless. Joshua

the end of racism and sexism in the world, so that each person can realize their full potential

To increase the promotions & work in my own production company.

to help others people have a better life by helping them to reach a good goal for their life. [Pealie Strozier]

To have global peace and become famous for being on T.V. and being very peacful. -Caroline

To open up a school to educate children in grades K-6 utilizing the performing Arts.

To get Ph.D. degree successfully. Devote to Taiwan's agriculture and feeding the world!! [Yu-Chien]...

To become an engineer and invent a product valuable to the whole world

for everyone to strive in everything they do in life.

I want to be a doctor D.C.

My dream is to become a famous actress and raise money for cancer and diabetes and other desises. If we deserve the chance to live healthy and safe life, why can't we all?...

I want to be a Doctor Isiah 4

to potentially help people overseas via "Peace Corps" and hopefully be apart of the company...

To have my own hair salon when I grow up. With all the money I make I will split it with my parents w/ the rest I will give back to my community [Tatiana Perkins]

my drean is to grow up and help people in need and insipre with my photograpghy.

To do well, be the best that I can be, and just be succesful in life and also bless others I also wanna be a NFL football player and impact our youth

to one day run my own buisnes

When I grow up I em goging to be a cop -Ja