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Dreams: Career Goals

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I have a dream that I can achieve the American Dream and continue to praise God and unite with other Christians & celebrate black and white heritage Stephanie

I dream to become a professional basketball player. Armani

To go law school and become an attorney, have a beautiful family (with lots of brains) but my biggest dream is to make my parents PROUD!

My dream for the community is that everyone is hard- working and does their fair share of work. That way there would be less spatial inequality.

is to become a teacher a police officer president and judge

My dream is to go to college and earn an accounting degree, then eventually work my way up to a financial planner. Then I want to own a lot of rabbits.

is to become the most successful entrepreneur in history and change the world with my creative mind!! :)

My dream is to be a ambulance rescue coordinator [Delaner]


My dream is to be successful in this world, running past those people out there who believe that my generation is "the dumb generation".

To do something in the field of my writing like journalism or screenplay also to become a model.

I want to grow up and drive. I also want to be a doctor [Jaibria]

To come out of college with a career of becoming a nurse and I plan to help back with the community by doing community service. [Kamryn]

My dream is to have my own personal care facility for kids with special needs [Monica]

To become a fashion columnist and defy all odds That I wont! Tyra

My dream is that my children, born in a foreign country, adopted as infants, and now citizens of the United States of America will one day be eligible to become President of this country.

My dream is to get good grades in school and become a doctor.

To grow closer with Jesus Christ as I go forward on my spiritual walk with God. I want to complete my doctorate degree by 2013 so that I can enlarge the vision of our world...

My dream is be song

My personal dream is to live, love and be healthy. Expand my territory so that I am able to be a blessing to my family and friends. My career dream is to expand my design business into an agency...