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Dreams: Career Goals

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one day i will become a doctor. I will be involved humanitarian services.

That Every Shall Grow Up And Be What They Desire and acheive something in life.

My dream is to become the best criminal justice officer and as a woman to know my worth, stay true to religious belief and to be an great example for another young lady.

to get a good paying job so that after paying my bills, I will have money enough for myself to enjoy; after all I work hard for the money, I would like to pay of school loan so that I can continue edu...

Shrisma- I am inventor/designer of the worlds 1st CIVIC RIGHTS FLAG entitled: "From Rosa to Obama." My dream is to have these historical flags sold in stores all over the world.

Is to become an entertainment lawyer as well as a fashion designer -Kashay

Alex I want to Be A VET

My Dream is to be able to open up a boys and girl home, where they can grow and get educated on life situates such Martin L. King and others that have made the way for us...

To be a philanthropist and build a business empire to support my philanthropic endeavors. [Amari]

My Dream Is To Play Volleyball In The Olympics

To get married and have a happy marriage and healthy children. Pay off student loans by 2015 and have health and strength and enjoy the work I do and get a reasonable salary.

My dream is to be a model takarra

to be a football player

Today, Sept 23, 2011 is to witness my daughter Denealia complete Law School at Howard University and to complete my career along with working side by side with my life partner, R. Holder...

To become a OBGYN 2 grade -Parys

My dream is to become Network Engineer for an IT company and live the rest of my life in Joy and success. Matt

My dream is to be a singer -Tyra

to be a lawyer [Chris]

i wish i could be a basketball player.i hope to be a boxer and a football player.

to go to college and Get Goods Job, and Be a Engianer.