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Dreams: Career Goals

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My dream is for every person to grow up with the opportunity to get a good education that could help them find a career.

To write award winning books and start a large non profit organization.

My dream is to become a Dentist when I am 28.

To open a chocolate boutique that employes "chocolate" people in their community.

When I grow up I want to be a police Officer. Ayden Smith 1-15-12

to become a positive role model for girls by becoming a successful physician.

I want to be a kinesiologist and I want to attend LSU! I also want to be the best i can be! [Taylor Bee]

My dream is to provide assistance, support, and referral to special needs students and families in order to help them received the necessary resources to dream and realize their dreams.

To graduate in Fall 2014 with an excellent job doing something I love.

My dream is to go to the University of Texas and become a lawyer.

To own my own business and be my own boss. As well as inspire my neice and nephew to want to do the same.

To become a famous actress on Hollywood and Broadway. Then I want to have a make-up artist

To become a singer and touch and maybe change, the world through song -Allyson

just be you

Justice for all regardless of race! Dr. King had a dream we have reached some of the milestone of Dr...

My dream is to either become a teacher or a CGI artist. I wish to show children they are loved and to show them how to grow into a great person...

To be an A+ student all through school. To become a lawyer. To also get my PhD. Freedom at last

To Be a Designer Juliet

My dream is to have an equal chance to to do anything people find posible

I want to be a Doctor Isiah 4