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Dreams: Career Goals

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To Start my own Company so i can Hire Minorty's Dennis

I dream that I keep my job, and that all my family and friends are well taken care of this year.

My dream is to be either a marine biologist or zoologist when I am older.

My dream is to become a surgeon

To be the president fo the United States [Uriya]

My dream is to be a actress and to be a Singer,too.

my dream is to be point guard for duke blue devils and have a good scholorship most of all I want to graduated from tarboro high and go to duke unversesity and be in the NBA and stop anmial abuse by:N...

My dream is to become a Dentist when I am 28.

I want to be a famous singer - Hannah

IP I DREAM IS to Be A fire fighter.

to become a licensed counselor so I can minister to teenage girls

To be a Police Officer Simeon

To be a police officer [Taver]

My dream is to be a leading social entrepreneur that provides innovative solutions that help solve the public health in America.

To go law school and become an attorney, have a beautiful family (with lots of brains) but my biggest dream is to make my parents PROUD!

To get a PhD in engineering and start my own car company producing 100% electric cars that are affordable to the average American.

to become a pilot in the airforce and protect my country Ellis

To be a successful man with an education and own my own mechanic shop. Finish up UTI at the top of my class and intern with NHRA when I graduate.

I love martin luther king. to be a veteinaRian. love Naiya

My dream is to be a football player and be rech have a good life and be pouplar for the rest of my life. love you Martin!