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My dream is to continue to be a woman of greatness, walk confidently into my dreams and live the life I imagineed. To excel in my career path and be an entrepeneur and thru doing this, continue to...

To finish college and to be a better preson and to be lazy and procrastinate. [Shaniek]

that Martin Luther King's dream will be realized in it's entirity in my Lifetime so that futher generations, if not for history, wouldn’t understand what he was speaking about...

My dream is to be a famous soccer player or Artist. Madeleine ~lake side~

To go to Canell State University to be a famous Architect. [Christopher]

My dream is to become a football star or WWE wrestler. I may not be Dr. King but I 'll be me...

My dream is to successfully take advantage of the opportunity that MLK has set up for me. I believe on making it at all cost and letting the haters be my motivators. [Nicholos] 1/16/2012

my dream is to become famous & to be known around the world i want to have nice cars nice houses and make good money i would like to help out the people that are poor and dont have what other...

Have a good education and graduate from collige and be a good adult, and be thankful for what I have. I have a dream! [Amaya]

Amari -To be the president of the United States

To be the best entertainer I can possible be! -Knerd/Chelsey

My dream is to be a football player of a president -Justin

To see a better world and have a career in game design

To make someone smily everyday of my life. Marcus

My dream is to be a doctor. And to be susesful in my life -India

Become a teacher for Richmond Public School for High School History. Me start my own scholarship

a successful atty that lives a happy life filled with joy and love. Also to live a life dedicated to God. -Bridgette.

I dream is I want to be a teacher and a doctor I want to help people.

*to become an entertainment lawyer or a lawyer who focuses on women's rights *to travel to different islands in the Caribbean to study how carnival creates social change and to understand its...

My dream is to become an actress & use the money I earn to donate to Haiti, the birth of my ancestors & Somalia.