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My dream is to help my mom & dad out through thiss tough time we are going through with money, to get a Teacup Pig, end world hunger, end violence, become an actress and or model, and help others.

My dream is to be a famous choreographer, open up my own dance studio, and be my own boss of a dance company I want to make a change in my society and be the first to go to college in my family

My dream is to be SUCCESSFUL!!! Asia

To find a care for schizophrenia in my life.

My dream is "for peace and more jobs for Americans" Julie B0157...

My dream is to one day be a well-known, well-respected, professional athlete. I also want to be the guy that all the players like to hang out with.

My dream is to be a pro wrestler. [Min Soo Kim}

to be an astronaut for America.

I want to be a doctor D.C.

To find what i'm looking for...

For Dr. King's legacy to be the first to launch my poems (for the deceased), concerning my entrepreneurial ideas. Sincerely, Chantay...

My dream is to keep the world safe. Harry

No more drugs and prophanity in school and out No more hate against each other and I want to be a singer and a successful young lady

I have a dream To be a business and spiritual leader. That I might inspire others To have success against all odds

To be on of the top music executives in the world and to help build the Chicago music industry. Dominique

I dream is I want to be a teacher and a doctor I want to help people.

I want to be a wonderful librarian so I can help others find the information that they need

To be the leading provider in non-medical senior companionship! Grandfriends Inc. Family, Friends, Foe...Best of Luck!

To open a chocolate boutique that employes "chocolate" people in their community...

The chance to Reach my potential I'm 3y2 1-12-12 [Delaney B]...