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I dream of beeing strong and healthy for my kids and get the job I dream of, please!

My dream is we will always stay free.

Is that we don't have to dream anymore for freedom and equality and that these become a reality soonest...

$1 B company! -joy + peace every day -the good life for me + my family

to always live by my 5'es of expansion Expose Explore Experiment Experience Expandi -Octavia...

My dream is to successfully take advantage of the opportunity that MLK has set up for me. I believe on making it at all cost and letting the haters be my motivators. [Nicholos] 1/16/2012

My dream is to care for others, love others, and help others. My dream is to strive hard now so not hardships will come in the future. My dream is to see the world happy. My dream is to see the world...

To open a non-profit adoption agency. Why should being a family cost money?

My dream is to become the best criminal justice officer and as a woman to know my worth, stay true to religious belief and to be an great example for another young lady.

My dream is to become a singer. From, Kayla

to get accepted into the college of my choice, excell at that university. Also to become an orthodontist and be as great a man as my father

My Dream is to become a clinical psychologist, start my own practice, and specialize in war victims and people with mental illnesses

to be a firefighter Tanayia

to be working in an IT company in the year of 2012, and my future dream is to be happy married in the coming years. South Africa to prosper.

My dream is to be a actress and to be a Singer,too.

To be a race car driver -Kennedy 01/15/2012

My dream is to be writer and rich

My dream is to be a math teacher. And all person feel happy [Jin]

To be a famous guitar. I want to be rich. -Destiny

To be a great artist and icon and know as one of the greatest female artist that ever did it. To have good health, success, and prosperity. That I will be able to provide a better life for my family...