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Dreams: Career Goals

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that one day - in the near future - all the young people in the country who are struggling with unemployment - will be able to find the type of work they are passionate about doing.

I want to be a teacher and cope and a juge. From Arie

for everyone to strive in everything they do in life.

To become a singer and touch and maybe change, the world through song -Allyson

My dream is to keep the world safe. Harry

To continue to build God's church at "The Power House St...

To be positive...To always aim high, move forward, and be understanding.To learn from my failures and short comings, and ALWAYS get back up and try again...

i have a dream that one day i will become a bell teacher.because I like kids.

To be given the opportunity to receive my licenses. With this privilege new opportunities as well as responsibilities wil arise...

My dream is to be a marine biologist. Jason

To get married and have a happy marriage and healthy children. Pay off student loans by 2015 and have health and strength and enjoy the work I do and get a reasonable salary.

a successful atty that lives a happy life filled with joy and love. Also to live a life dedicated to God. -Bridgette.

To become a successful black journalist and give back to my university and my community. I also want to see the MLK monument.

My dream is to become the best criminal justice officer and as a woman to know my worth, stay true to religious belief and to be an great example for another young lady.

I want to become a famous singer Hannah

To become the number one lawyer in my law firm by the age of 30/.

To make someone smily everyday of my life. Marcus

My dream for our country is more people have jobs.

I want a job. I want to have a success story like Dr. King. I would like to be a chef I like to cook.

The chance to Reach my potential I'm 3y2 1-12-12 [Delaney B]