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Dreams: Career Goals

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To become a corporate Attorney ; after graduation from my dream university University of Florida'. Then come up with my own Non-Profit for Disabled Kids [Shanequa]...

My dream is to end all wars and be an President

To Be a respected doctor in orthopedic medicine. I also inspire to be part of doctor's w/o boarders and impact healthcare in the world...

To be president of the U.S.A. and be a fashion designer and stop pallation.

To increase the promotions & work in my own production company.

My dream is to be the best football player over.

to fight for my country the United States of America [Bryson]

I want to be a doctor D.C.

to always live by my 5'es of expansion Expose Explore Experiment Experience Expandi -Octavia...

My dream is to get a job [Deandre]

Is to succeed and do my absolute best in school/sports etc. I want to graduate from college to become either a marine biologist or a race car driver.

To work hard to give my parents and my future family a better life to do something good for my own country. make homeless people fingd jobs. have a place to live. I wish everyone live happily in...

To be a great artist and icon and know as one of the greatest female artist that ever did it. To have good health, success, and prosperity. That I will be able to provide a better life for my family...

I had a dream that one day, this little southern black child would grow up and earn her Doctorate Degree. When I saw Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. say it does not matter the color of your skin as a child...

To be half as great as Dr King was. To lead efforts to unify the world in interfaith. To be a great orator and scholar. To be world renowned and sought after. M.D./ Ph.D

My dream is to be a math teacher. And all person feel happy [Jin]

To be able to reach all goals so that I can help others reach theirs.

To be a great singer for the Lord and Bring people to Christ. Lukeia

My dream is to be a football player of a president -Justin

~To have a life without regrets ~to have a nice family ~have a prosperous job/career -Selah