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To advance my CAREER IN Development Research Methods. Publish AND BE FAMOUS

To make a change in others life, become someone people can depend on, Finish school and get in a good job.

My dream is to be a great dancer and singer and be married to somebody who I love.

*to become an entertainment lawyer or a lawyer who focuses on women's rights *to travel to different islands in the Caribbean to study how carnival creates social change and to understand its...

My dream is to become something great when i grow up.

To be able to become a lawyer, mentor and wonderful father.

To become a cook when I grow up -Tiffany

to become a teacher and help kids in need.

My dream for our country is for everyone to work hard in life so everyone will have a job or a career so everyone will succeed in life.

i wish i could be a basketball player.i hope to be a boxer and a football player.

To improve the image of black women through God, my work, and my family.

I have a dream To be a business and spiritual leader. That I might inspire others To have success against all odds

To be successful

to be a hero for all youth. I want to inspire all youth. God is good. I follow Martin.

is to become the most successful entrepreneur in history and change the world with my creative mind!! :)

To increase the promotions & work in my own production company.

To do something in the field of my writing like journalism or screenplay also to become a model.

to become a diplomat and educate people from around the world on the importance of global connection and communication.

To Be A criminal psychologist. I Dream About finding the way To Break through the consciouses of criminals to Help Detectives

I dream that I keep my job, and that all my family and friends are well taken care of this year.