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To become a marketing business executive holding a supervisory position. Personally, I would like to be a proud mother and wife

To go to college and get goods job, and be a enginer.

as a kid my dream was to be a soccer player and make it to the finals i want to be a soccer player because i could be in a team and win a trophie

to become a famous artist and become a singer, and make change it the world like doctor Martin Luther King Jr. [Tiarra]

To continue to be sucessful and impactful even when this project is over

My Dream is to get a Dimpola in college and get a jod

My Dream is to go to college and get a good job.

1. to never die 2. to become a doctor 3. to be father/ husband -Will

To be given the opportunity to receive my licenses. With this privilege new opportunities as well as responsibilities wil arise. With licenses added to my skill set I can continue to add value to...

To have 5 shop to do hair in them and to give back to the world

I want to be a doctor so I can help people when they are sick, and So I can make alot of money. And live in a big house.

I dream is I want to be a teacher and a doctor I want to help people.

My dream is to be able to graduate high school and go off to college and have a wonderful career that I love.

To be a lawyer Kimanie

To become a professional a wife, mother. President of my own company! PEACE for ALL!

To open a community center in St. Charles Parish(Louisiana) that aloow youth to genuinely come together across racial, social, and economic barriers and closes the educational and generational GAP!

My dream is to successfully take advantage of the opportunity that MLK has set up for me. I believe on making it at all cost and letting the haters be my motivators. [Nicholos] 1/16/2012

to grow up and be a successful business woman [Tristin]

My dream is to accomplish everything I set out to accomplish.

My dream is to graduate with honors from the BEST HBCU there is North Carlina Central University and get accepted to Carlina Law School and work for a non profit organization.