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Dreams: Career Goals

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To be successful

To go college and to be a successful criminal justice lawyer. [Veriencia]

My dream is to live in a world of equality. In which everyone has the means to achieve their own dreams.

to be a lawyer [Chris]

My dream is to become a Forensic Scientist.

That everyone recognizes their self-worth thereby living up to their full potential, all the while envisioning that their dreams, goals, and desires are within reach.

to earn my MD-PhD and make groundbreaking discoveries that will improve the way we study and treat diseases.

I dream that I keep my job, and that all my family and friends are well taken care of this year.

To live in a world where it's much easier to find a good husband and father like Dr. King

Emile To bring a change in my community and why not my country as a whole...

CEO, non-profit organization Millionaire to all that need, Be a philanmist for charity organization.Help people realize their dreams.

My dream is to be writer and rich

I dream of my company event source becoming a fortune 500 company. Ashley

to Be a nurse and to help.

Write a history of African American servicemen during the Vietnam era.

My dream is to go to college and become a doctor to help a lot of people who need my help.

My children's children (Grand) will know that granddad had launched our family's business to levels where we can support organizations such as the King Center stay a vital and necessary asse...

My Dream is to be a Successful wife, mother mentor and to be an encouragement to all

1. To help bring back the Black family unit 2. Become the 1st African American woman President of the U.S.A. 3. Create a girls organization to build up self-esteem and reduce generational poverty

To continue to build God's church at "The Power House St...