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To become a doctor. Rebecca

To love my family enjoy my life and have peace. Later, I would love to win the 78th House of Representative race in Georgia

My dream is that someday I'll be able to sing for people and that, just for a couple minutes, they'll forget their troubles and just listen to my songs and feel alright...

To be able to become a lawyer, mentor and wonderful father.

to use my Knowledge to get any career that my heart desires

To go to college and graduate to change the world

to earn my MD-PhD and make groundbreaking discoveries that will improve the way we study and treat diseases.

My dream is to become the first black women to be president so I can make changes to help the world and economy.

To see an end to the absurdity of racism and racial categorization.

Doetcr clarissa

To become a successful Rapper and to make the world a better place. Ryan

My dream is to be the best football player and to help people that need really good help.

To get married and have a happy marriage and healthy children. Pay off student loans by 2015 and have health and strength and enjoy the work I do and get a reasonable salary.

To become a successful model in go to America Next Top Model. To graduate high school and go to Arts institute of ATL. Also become a great role model to young kids and inspire them.

My dream is a PhD [Paul]

My dream is to become a successful Photographer and inspire minorities in the United States to surpass the stereotypes they were put in.

To be a race car driver -Kennedy 01/15/2012

To continue the work of God and go out into all the world and preach the gospel. To continue writing books and plays, as well as recording life changing songs to our Nation. Evang. Johnson

My Dream is to be a good painter & dentist

to take the dream to the next step in life and help better future our generations fo their dreams will never die…