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to design the world's fastest, sleekest computer, with the most memory and highest proccesing ever. With the smartest and most elegant design, that will be the newest and best of technology...

My dream is to continue to be a woman of greatness, walk confidently into my dreams and live the life I imagineed. To excel in my career path and be an entrepeneur and thru doing this, continue to...

my dream is to become famous & to be known around the world i want to have nice cars nice houses and make good money i would like to help out the people that are poor and dont have what other...

To help young girls that are poor and don’t have many opportunities. I want to create a foundation that they can go to to get clothes, happiness and to know that they are loves.

My dream is "for peace and more jobs for Americans" Julie B0157...

My dream is to be a professional singer, dancer and gymnast.

To advance my CAREER IN Development Research Methods. Publish AND BE FAMOUS

To be a famous musician. To be a famous musician I must master string instruments with strings, percussion: instruments you need to bang or press on with force, and wood windi instuments that used to...

to become a teacher and great leader Samara B

My dream is to become a veterinarian Jordyn C.

Is to have every person realize their full potential and apply themselves in a beneficial way to society.

To become a professional singer and businessman

Alex I want to Be A VET

To have my own successful business have a store with a profit of at least $2000.

To go to Canell State University to be a famous Architect. [Christopher]

to one day run my own buisnes

my dream is to make music and write books that are both entertaining and spiritually uplifting.

Hello Family & Friends My dream is to curry on my family business. To always Love yourselves. to protect Your Family. to work well and not hard. But Remember I say to you Love God first.

My dream is to provide quality healthcare as a nurse practitioner to third world countries. Also I would like to research a cure for cancer. Tracye

doctor [Chandler}]