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My name is Juan lacan. one of my dreams is to get my GED, because I want to study medicine. I would like to be a dentist. Some times I think is impossible but this is my dream and one day I'll...

I want to take my country from a developing nation to a developed nation ensuring quality education for all children,better medical facilities for all citizens ,removal of poverty,hunger,unemployment...

My Dream is to empower young urban girls to be successful despite their social and economic challenges!!!

For all children to be afforded a high quality education and the best start in life.

My dream is for my Kids to have Equal Wright and oppertunitys to go to school, see the world and Never be stuck in there mind were they can dream were they want to be

Be happy Help people Education Be Better Be stronger Peace in the world Make World Better

just be you

I have a dream that all people will get housing and medical care and be treated fairly.

My dream is to go to collage and have a daughter Lillie

My Dream is for everyone to be their best. I want to help them.

My dreams is for everyone to have equal access to healthcare, education and equality. If we learn to embrace our differences and appreciate our similiarities we will be able to live in a much more...

for all my students to learn how to live together and teach their children to live together in harmony.

I have a dream that everyone in our country will have access to a quality education, a living wage, healthcare, and healthy, thriving communities; that all citizens and non-citizens will be treated...

to make others aware and join in helping to improve the minority's experence in the elite schools of America...

My dream is that one day GOD is recognized and honored again in the public school system.

Know Thyself

to have more children and to be a successful educator so I may inspire, educate, and innovate the next generation

My dream is to go to college and become a doctor to help a lot of people who need my help.

i have a dream that every one in america would get a education a aresonable cost

My dream is that one day we will be able to witness equal education opportunity for all children - all children starting the education race with the same exact educational tools - and then, to...