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To own my own school. A school that helps kids of all races, ages, and gender be proud of themselves and their community. A school where boys and girls learn how to be men and women.

To open up a school to educate children in grades K-6 utilizing the performing Arts.

My dream is the day the I wake up and everyone lives by the Golden Rule

for all my students to learn how to live together and teach their children to live together in harmony.

my dream is that all people have equal education

My Dream is to do good in school, get good grades. By good and have a wonderful life By Imani Buy, Mack

I have a dream! My dream is to graduate from college and to be a doctor or writer my real name Faisa.

My dreams is for everyone to have equal access to healthcare, education and equality. If we learn to embrace our differences and appreciate our similiarities we will be able to live in a much more...

to graduate high school and then go to college I will be first in my family to graduate

To become one of the most prominent and sought after black woman Financial Advisers in the United States

to finish school & to be the first one in my generation to finish college. also to be a great responsible parent to my daughter :)

that people will know the name Dartmouth College!!!

My dream is that every one is the United States and the World will have a good education and a promising future.

that one day, everyone who wants an education, can have the opportunity to get one. That educators will be rewarded for their work. That all people will have food if they need it

To go college and to be a successful criminal justice lawyer. [Veriencia]

To open a youth training center, created to train and develop youth. It will have a focus of social justice, cultural education, and the development of peer educators. It is time for youth to walk...

I dream of living in the Beloved Community and will continue to spread Dr. King's message of Agape and peace...

My dream is to either become a teacher or a CGI artist. I wish to show children they are loved and to show them how to grow into a great person. A CGI artist because I am able to attempt to put...

i have a dream that every one in america would get a education a aresonable cost

To become a research scientist and discover cures for disease that plague everyone but especially minorities.