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I want to be a good daughter to my parent and help them, take care them, and make them happy. For my self I want to be a good teacher when I grow up.

My dream is for my Kids to have Equal Wright and oppertunitys to go to school, see the world and Never be stuck in there mind were they can dream were they want to be

for everybody to be accepted and respected as they are, all over the world

My dream is to live a very healthy and happy life. I also dream to someday become a doctor to help save people's lives...

My dream is for all can receive an education, eat, receive medical care and have a home.

I have a dream that we will pass the AP exam and that I will get to date Tom.

that i will go to collage

My dream is to own a ferrari

'' I have a dream that I will prosper in life and prove to those who doubted me that I was able to make it in life, and that I was able to be successful and make my family proud... that is...

My dream is to become a famous rapper and bring rap back to it's former glory, and send some of the money to charity to stop world hunger and get my Business Degree. I'll do my hardest to...

My dream is to obtain the finances to attend graduate school, and receive a master's degree in clinical laboratory science. SUCCESS!!...

My dream is for more Christians to reach out to the more of the world and share the love of Jesus Christ in order for them to be saved.

For everyone to find peace, success, love, and vision

to graduate from college and go to a four year college. Hope to find a better job and get my mom a house. Whitney :P

I have a dream that one day no one will go to bed hungry, every child will have access to education, and no person or animal will be abused.

My Dream is to do good in school, get good grades. By good and have a wonderful life By Imani Buy, Mack

That I get a good education and work hard for it. [Cikoya]

Poverty stricken countries rise beyond america's basic living. And jobs pay adults higher wages...

That I will be a really good student. All the time. Also to get a degree.

That Keyshawn Brown and Krystle Baez will go to college the world.