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Dreams: Education

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To become a research scientist and discover cures for disease that plague everyone but especially minorities.

...for MLK's Dream to be finally attained. I would like to be knocked down by providing equal & quality education to our children. Give children a fair start!...

To go to college -Uriya

My dream is to go to a school of performing arts my major singing and to make more friends not because of their skin color but becuase they treat the way i want be treated. Brianna K

My dream for Corbett Prep is that we build a High school.

I have a dream that I will go to college and become very successful later on in life.

To enlighten African-American males of the pitfalls and waste of precious life that continues to plague our communities, homes, families. To bring a stop to drugs and violence that not only threatens...

That one day humanity will trump profit.

My dream is to have a daycare one day. To prepare kids for school and life. To make a difference for them. Monique

For all children to be educated and pursue professions of their choice.

Poverty stricken countries rise beyond america's basic living. And jobs pay adults higher wages...

For my daughter to graduate from college and become a productive citizen in today's society...

My dream for our country is that everyone gets to go to school and get a great education because every person deserves to get a great career and a better life. Martina

Peace and justice and equality. Children to be love and educated. Prosperity for all in our nation have unconditional and unmovable faith in the Lord and His plans for my life; and be able to enter and afford Medical School in the USA, so I can go back Brazil and become a great...

Everyone will be afforded the same opportunities to succeed. Education prices will drop and literacy rates will rise!

That one day all children in this country will have the chance to get an excellent education

for children to be safe in school.

My dream is to become successful in life.

my dream is for everyone to get along. and for school to be an option instead of a requriment, because when people have to do some thing they dont wanna do it but when its an option more people wanna...