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Dreams: Education

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To end illeteracy around the world!

A Greener & Better World

My dream is to improve the education and water for children in africa who are struggeling. Also for world peace.

That all children have access to a quality education na matter what the parents income level is

My ultimate dream is to have a proper education so I can get into a good college...

To go to college in Florida and become a pedicitrician. Breunna

To educate and mentor every individual who crosses my path and assist them in reaching their fullest potential

My dream is to graduate high school with good grades and go to college in New York. And to become successful in life! Donna

To be an Artist and get alot of money. I want to go all the way through to college. I want to be a leader like Martin Luther King Jr. January 16, 2012 Lanakai

To live the dream, and to teach others about Dr. King's life. Never forget.

I have a dream that I will go to college and become very successful later on in life.

"I have a dream" To visit Seattle, Washington someday. " I have three more dreams" To look for BIGFOOT, graduate high school, and to visit Canada, Warsaw, KY, or Japan someday.

My dream is the day the I wake up and everyone lives by the Golden Rule

I have a dream on day that education will be good enough that no one has a chance to fail. One day that I can continue my goal in education to one day have a career in Computer Engineering...

My dream is to help special needs children around the world gain education, ateention & love and let the parents of these kids know that there is hope...

My dream to join the army as a registered nurse, then become a doctor. I want to help those less fortunate, travel the world always continue to learn.

It is my dream that people live without seeing color. We should be judged as Dr. King said by the content of our character! Too many people are not afforded opportunities based solely on their color...

My dream is for all races and nationalities to come together in peace. Also my dream is for everyone to have a chance at higher education no matter their status.

My dream is to become more educated and make more informed opinions and decisions.

to help Africa with their education!