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Dreams: Family

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For the younger generation to stop "Bullying". They need to accept each other for who they are - Not what they are. This should be taught in their Homes...

To be a positive force in my community. To see others spread the love of God and empower each other. A nation that focuses on advancement and achievement

My dream is to take of my family have a good life and just stay positive and just enjoy life -Joe

My 4 kids Nicholas 16, Jonathan 14, Jessica 13 and Hannah 11, will all graduate from college and see learning as a life time commitment...

my dream is that one day the life of the poor people change and will be better... Kate <3

To see my children become successful in them lives and to give back to society and fulfill the duties of God.

life long happiness for my family.

My dream for the world is that ue can someday live in a land where love and peace is the norm...

To love eachother as god want us to. Maurice, Washington DC

My dream is to all my dreams come True. I dream to be an ambassador of peace in the whole world. Also to travel around the world and help others...

To see my sons grow up to be men with values and conviction.

Live life the way I was intended to and raise my family with the best of my ability.

to be an effective tool in teaching my grandchildren about the heritage of our family that has been passed from generation to generation.

My dream for the world is that there will no longer be war because so people will not die.

For my kids to be able to enjoy life abundantly without fear or regret. To live their lives spiritually, with hope of bring recognized for their accomplishments and reward appropriately...

i have a dream that i will become a singer when i grow up.

That my nieces will enjoy all the opportunities enjoyed by my generation.

My family members and my friends will lead a happy and meaningful life. I can be a very nice person in the eyes of the people around me. World peace and prosperity! -Ying

I have a dream that everyone can be friendly to other people and that people can stop killing other people for doing something or doing nothing...

If people need help, I would help them if they were blind, I would show them around.