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Dreams: Family

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To simply make our planet a better place to live. Violence against children and women must stop...

To be with the best mom in the whole world! Nikki. Alexus

For all people to know GOD and HIS purpose for each of us. For marriages and families to be stronger and more connected. To show more LOVE toward one another. Sharon Morton Aug. 24, 2013 Oxon Hill, MD

My dreams are to be able to provide a better future for my daughter, prosperity, world peace and non-corrupt government.

My dream is to become as successful as I can be for my beautiful daughter. I would like us to get a better handle on crime so we can all join hands in PEACE! -Darrina

To Bring everBody Back from they death let therm spend more time with the family

For children in the US to value education just as much as children in other countries & for parents to help instill this value in their children.

that one day the basic daily needs of everyone on the planet will be met. That we will be without war and co-exist in peace and harmony.

To get married and have a happy marriage and healthy children. Pay off student loans by 2015 and have health and strength and enjoy the work I do and get a reasonable salary.

For young peole to stop dying at the hands of guns because of a lack of gun laws and for the end of drug slavery for all people

To be the best father to my unborn child and to raise my child up the right way and also be a great help to others anyway I can.

I have a dream to be able to walk down the street holding my partner's and not have other people looking a pair of men holding hands...

That we all place our family first with our time, prayers and energy.

i wish i can be a president. i wish i can be a basketball player

To provide leadership development and strategic planning to family service and support providers and businesses.

That one day we will always be able to see God's GLORY in each other! : )

To see all children excel to their fullest potential regardless of economic background and circumstance.

that everyone would share their toys. Iris

My dream is to be able to help other and help my family.

Help my sister [ID]