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Dreams: Freedom

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To spread the freedom and ideals of America, the best country in the world, to as many people as possible.

I dream that we may all find happiness in this world because happiness makes us truly free.

My dream is to continue Dr. King's legacy. I want to end the senseless wars throughout the world and to seek justice(with mercy for the repentant) wherever I go...

I wish there is no war in the world and everyone is live peacful and happy and joy..

To do something in the field of my writing like journalism or screenplay also to become a model.

I have a dream and itz to be able to show the youth some positive growth between all race...

Totalitarian communist shall be terminated in the world.

My dream is to see an end to world Poverty and Hunger. I will see a nation that has more giving people than those who are greedy and don't share...

I have a dream that people in this world would stop fighting and shooting.......

to let peace and freedom ring. To have a world with wonderful people. Sofia

My dream is that every Mexican gets papers.

To help animals in need and people who are homeless. and met all their needs.

Travel to every part of the globe and be welcome everywhere.

My dream for the world is that global warming will get better and that we can have world peace without war or any violence. Viera

To face calenges as they come. And make a crure for CANSER. ande.d

A world where all Races, Religions, and ethnicities can live as brothers, sisters, and elders without predetermining conditions based on underlying differences of Races, Religions, and ethnicities.

I dream of Iran as a free democratic and secular country. I dream of a regime change in Iran

I hava a dream that one day my HOPES (my children) will one day benefit & contribute to Global Diplomacy through language, culture, education, diversity, love & most of all FAITH!...

My dream is for my family and i to be happy. For people to be free. For love ,for friendship every where you go.

Freedom & peace and equality for all opportunities for everyone to live and enjoy the promises of possibility. Achieve, Excel, Accomplish.