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One day I dream that every child and person has enough to eat and won't starve...

I have a dream that a cure will be found for diseases such as AIDS and cancer, and that the cures will be available to all people in need throughout the world.

To have my eye sight back and for immigration reform.

I have a dream that we can all strive together and show our next generation that they can be anything they want to be!

I have a dream to become a NBA player becuase I really want to play hard. When I become a NBA player I have to be really good and play hard. Once I am in the NBA I can give out charity.

I dream about helping other people from disease by being a doctor.And I want to travel all around the wold to help people because i want everybody to be happy.And I want to continue making Books...

I have a dream to make life better for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. We share the world with all people... lets make it a better place to live

to graduate from VUU and be the best that I can be in life. I can do all things with God by my side.

I dream of beeing strong and healthy for my kids and get the job I dream of, please!

I have a dream that in the future we will have a better, taken care of, world with no fighting or polution.

I have a dream that all the cites have swimming pools.

to be a doctor that helps people live and be a person that prays for peace. Loren

I have a dream, that people will someday end their profit hungry motives, and seek to contribute to the natural world. Through adopting sustainability in agriculture, urban planning and settlements,...

My dream is to be business man and become a millionaire who is successful in life.

My dream for our community is a healthy enviroment so that the people after us can enjoy a healthy world.

To encourage all Americans to embrace truth and integrity while they disconnect from racism and half truths.

A Cure for cancer & AIDS; end to nuclear weapons.

My dream for this community is for our streets to be clean in all of Tampa because it can keep people from getting sick.Mason

I have a dream that one day everyone who suffers from mental illness will receive compassionate care and that the treatment of mental illness will advance so they can enjoy mental stability, peace...

My dream is that I could come up with a cure for cancer.