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My dream for our community is a healthy enviroment so that the people after us can enjoy a healthy world.

my dream is to find a cure for every life threatening disease such as cancer and heart failure

That my family live a health life and my grandson conti to do well, my wife will get better and the rest of my family

to stay healthy keep my current weight off and maintain goal. Also I hope to retire in Aug 2013 from GCPS and to become a full time drug counselor for youths

My dream for our community is that everyone has a home and not homeless because it makes me sad if someone doesn’t have a home. And has a job so they can have money and have food and not starve and...

that my family will have a grate life so we will live a long time

I dream of beeing strong and healthy for my kids and get the job I dream of, please!

My dream is to become a surgeon

I dream a dream that others have dreamed. To be truly free and safe in this land we call the United States. I want to live in this country in the sanctuary of justice, freedom and liberty. I want to...

My dream is to have my own personal care facility for kids with special needs [Monica]

In my dreams all food becomes organic, heirloom, whole foods that are available to all people, rich and poor. In other words: no GMO ingredients, not radiated or heat processed and grown without...

that my family will adopt a healthy & active lifestyle, providing a legacy of health & empowerment for future generations.

i have a dream that one day ill become famous and help people all over the world

I dream that I will be a successful person.

To help animals in need and people who are homeless. and met all their needs.

To eat more vegetables

For every feee man and woman to have access to free college education and medical care [M. Price]

that one day the basic daily needs of everyone on the planet will be met. That we will be without war and co-exist in peace and harmony.

That every human being on the face of this earth no matter what color, creed, or race, will one day realize that not only are we one that we serve One God, and we are all One Voice.

My dream for Corbett Prep is that we can keep our campus clean and healthy.