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Dreams: Health

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Peace, love and harmony.

Is to find a cure for autism

For all 3 of my girls to graduate from high & college. For my family's health and prosperity. I dream that i can make an impact on other people lives with my testimony...

Peace in the World. Good health for my family. A cure for multiple mycloma.


my deram is to help my mom get a kidney. And to get every one off the streets

I have a dream that we can all strive together and show our next generation that they can be anything they want to be!

For all the troops to get back home safely and for all this nonsense to end already and actually try to get along with one another.

that my family will adopt a healthy & active lifestyle, providing a legacy of health & empowerment for future generations.

My dream is to be a police officer and registered nurse practitioner [Madison]

I dream for my son to have a wonderful, happy, and healthy life.


I have a dream to find the cure to cancer!

My dream is to provide quality healthcare as a nurse practitioner to third world countries. Also I would like to research a cure for cancer. Tracye

Prosperity in life, health, spiritual growth, finance, and relationships. I dream of peace of love to exchange all over the world. I dream of non-violent practices in everything that is done!

My dream is for every human being to respect each other and to respect the EARTH and the UNIVERSE.

to earn my MD-PhD and make groundbreaking discoveries that will improve the way we study and treat diseases.

My dream for our community is that everyone has a home and not homeless because it makes me sad if someone doesn’t have a home...

to be a doctor that helps people live and be a person that prays for peace. Loren

I have a dream that all the cites have swimming pools.