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Dreams: Health

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I have a dream that every woman in the world will have access to basic menstrual health management that is quality, sustainable and comfortable. So she can attend school, every day that she wants to...

Health, Love and Happiness for my family.

To make a substantial contribution to a cure for cancer

To become a research scientist and discover cures for disease that plague everyone but especially minorities.

My dream for our community is to have everyone to get the education they need because everyone deserves great education...

My dream for our community is to have much less pollution, and trash everywhere as that waste goes into our waterways, and kills all of our precious wildlife. Gabe

education, health care and freedom for all. This will bring world peace!

that All Children have beautiful lives. Psalm 37:4

I have a dream that we can all strive together and show our next generation that they can be anything they want to be!

that all would experience the love of Jesus Christ that overcomes all hate, division, brokenness; love that restores, revives, and renews all things- the same reason as MLK Jr. fought.

My dream is to travel around the world and help people, especially girls, go to school, learn to read and stay healthy. I would like to be in the Olympics for figure skating.

To Be a Dancer Live.Laugh.Love kyla

To help people who don't have clean water, good food, or vaccinations.

If people need help, I would help them if they were blind, I would show them around.

I have a dream that everyone in our country will have access to a quality education, a living wage, healthcare, and healthy, thriving communities; that all citizens and non-citizens will be treated wi...

My dream is to provide quality healthcare as a nurse practitioner to third world countries. Also I would like to research a cure for cancer. Tracye

To Be a respected doctor in orthopedic medicine. I also inspire to be part of doctor's w/o boarders and impact healthcare in the world.

my dream is for all of us to work together and find a cure for cancer

him without cancer-------->

My dream is I would lik Became a respiratory Theraspist