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to find a cure for cancer one day.

My dream is to not be called of ethic groups of American but just AMERICANS!!! To have each other learn from our differnt backgrounds and emboss our differences.

1. To see the world free from hunger and poverty. 2. To assist those people who are suffering from the serious mental illness due to war in the last 10+ years

Health and prosperity for all!

that a cure for cancer will be found. that everyone will accept everyone else. That I will open my own African-American dance school.

My dream for our world is that we can keep it healthy, and that we can help to stop war. Ben

My dream for our community is that everyone has a home and not homeless because it makes me sad if someone doesn’t have a home. And has a job so they can have money and have food and not starve and...

Betty my dream is to live longer and my family will unite in happiness together

That everyone would be able to afford college and healthcare.

My dream is to be a police officer and registered nurse practitioner [Madison]

Peace, love and harmony.

i have a dream that i will be a speech or physio therapist to authisic children

A Cure for cancer & AIDS; end to nuclear weapons.

For my children, Husband fancy and community to be healthy, happy and safe - Shene

My dreams for 2013 are: 1. All my families would be in goo health; 2. I could be successful in my major; 3. I could find my interests; 4. All my friends could be happy for whole year; 5. A travel to...

to be very strong and to live very long. I would be the President and talk about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Allison

My dream is to be a doctor and own my own practice for people in need [Nina]

To end hiv.

that all would experience the love of Jesus Christ that overcomes all hate, division, brokenness; love that restores, revives, and renews all things- the same reason as MLK Jr. fought.

My dream is I would lik Became a respiratory Theraspist