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To see all people come together without all the hatred. The end of all racism.

My dream for our world is that we can keep it healthy, and that we can help to stop war. Ben

I believe in zero. Zero as in zero deaths of chlidren under five that are preventable. We have vaccines, We have ORT. We know how to provide healthy water to communities.

for all people with special needs to furfill the dreams

To utilize my passion for human service and my love of all things public health to empower individuals across the world towards improving their health situations

My dream is to be business man and become a millionaire who is successful in life.

my dream is to find a cure for every life threatening disease such as cancer and heart failure

that one day they will find a cure for cancer and all the other fatal illnesses in the world.

My dream is to end all fatal illnesses.

MY DREAMS!!! :-) My dream for the environment is to keep it clean and respected,such as not littering and giving waste and to keep our earth clean!! :-) My dream for health is for everybody in the...

My dream for my community is to help people who can’t do the things we can do these days. Like poor people, people who can help them should buy shampoo and soap and other stuff they might need and...

I dream about helping other people from disease by being a doctor.And I want to travel all around the wold to help people because i want everybody to be happy.And I want to continue making Books...

Peace in the World. Good health for my family. A cure for multiple mycloma.

To have Social Security Payment for all the kids coming behind us and to have a cure for H.I.V and to have a peace of mind that we all can live in affordable housing in New York City or Atlanta, GA.

My dream is to be a happy, healthy, helpful princess.

for a peaceful happy, healthy future for all children.

Is to find a cure for autism

to be a doctor that helps people live and be a person that prays for peace. Loren

Our day there will be cure for all men mode diseases and segregation will stop in 2012 for blacks in the south especially Georgia. -Eric

I dream a dream that others have dreamed. To be truly free and safe in this land we call the United States. I want to live in this country in the sanctuary of justice, freedom and liberty. I want to...