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Dreams: Peace

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Dr King was a family friend. He attended Boston University and took classes with my parents there and at Harvard Divinity School...

My dream for our world is to stop child abuse so every child can live the life they want to.

My dream for our world is to have peace because there will be no more fighting. Elise

to achieve my purpose of encouraging every man woman and child to live for God on purpose in love and to live again; for life is eternal as peace and love has no end.

Hatred is conquered [Mauree]

My dream for our world is for there to be peace with all people.

My dream is to make everyone equal. Women and men. Whether you are gay or straight.

To have peace, love, and no bullies


My Dream is everyone to not get bullied and be treated fairly at school - Elijah (age 9)

I have so many dreams, I want every one to treat other people without looking to their race, gender and color (Equality, Respect)...

My Dream is to bring peace between all Races and Religions. I want to end cruelty also. I hope every one gets along together. I Dream to stop wars as well!

My dream is to own a lambergini, and to make a differnce in poeple lives.

My dream is that acceptance and tolerance will open to love and harmony. [Robin]

I would like world peace because there is too much violence and war so please agree with me and make the world more peaceful. Isaac

I have a dream to one day be a lawyer so that I am able to help fight injustices across the state of Florida so that my children can grow up in peace...

For all to come together in peace and unity [Dann]

The Path of the King, king. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr...

i have a dream that one day racism will end and everyone will be treated equally

for world peace!