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Dreams: Peace

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my drean is to grow up and help people in need and insipre with my photograpghy.

That one day we as a people will come together and support each other in peace and love everyone.

is to have all peace in the world and for Mayek to stop stop being grumpsy all the time {illegible name}

My dream is for the world to have peace at last. For everyone to be treated equally and have equal opportunities...

My dream is to see a world in which everyone is embraced and treated equally, in which there peace and no violence.

That we have a love world and peace world. To Change the world


God's richest blessings for a long life that embraces and reflects God's love.

For world Peace :)

My dream is that no wars or nuclear wepons or any of that. i wish their is world peace, and what i win the lottery

My dream is that one day inner-city communities will have better education system, no gang violence, no crimes of any nature, and a safe and Beloved Community. *Gerina F.*

My dream for my community is for people to not drive near my house every day because they mite steel my things. Ahmad

My dream is that one day i will make a difference in this world. I want to stand out. I don't want to be like everyone else. I also want to inspire people...

that every African American is wealthy and healthy and jobs and economic problems would be gone wars with other countries will end and the world be at peace

To live in peace and harmony with all races and creed. For everyone to have equality in every aspect of life. That knowledge will overwhelm and drown ignorance.

That one day all people of all Race would truly come together. Racism is still alive! That young people would listen and learn from the old pioneers.

I dream that some day people will encourage each other rathern than bring each other down...

That we call all live together as one family in the United States of America

My dream is for world peace Taurean

My dream is to stop all the wars and make all the soldiers make peace in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.