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Peace and equal opportunity for all Wayne

To see a place in the hearts of men where hope does not mean no faith does not mean cannot and courage is not marked by a yellow line but a human line of those who would step up to the plate.

My Dream is everyone to not get bullied and be treated fairly at school - Elijah (age 9)

my dream is to help others and have world peace.

I have a dream that people will not pollute the Earth. I have a dream that people will not do drugs or anything that will hurt their bodies. I have a dream that people will not hurt or kill other...

a world in which every person is interested in and curious about both the world and all the people on it and through that curiosity it is my dream that those people truly realize their...

For there to be end of the division of races, and for the people of America to give the presidents (future and present) of the United State more credit and support, being that their position is so...

To one become even half the the man Martin Luther King Jr. was

i wish that we did not go to war. because we will less family. and they will die.

I want peace in the world and end violence and give every child a education. And give them food.

I have a dream that all people should get along stop bulling and care be carefull of what u do ^-^

To love my family enjoy my life and have peace. Later, I would love to win the 78th House of Representative race in Georgia

World Peace [Ke'Ondrae]...

the world will be as one no war no government peace , love and freedom

To have global peace and become famous for being on T.V. and being very peacful. -Caroline

My dream is for everyone to get along [Kristian]

Hatred is conquered [Mauree]

I have a dream that all animals will live freely and happily. that there will be no strays no starving ones and that none will be harmed or be abused. that there will be no endangered ones let them...

that the world will become a community. That every race can form a bond in the future that can never be broken. That every race can be treated as equal. Because of this problem the world is belonging...

That peace and equalness will spread throughout the world [Jamaal]