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Dreams: Peace

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Justice for all regardless of race! Dr. King had a dream we have reached some of the milestone of Dr...

that all men and women can live together in peace and love

That the world wil one day find a way to coexist peacefully & everyone will have access to the necessites of life

to travel to interesting places outside the US; for there to be no war or poverty; to be famous, and to get everyone to love Quizilla as much as I do.

Totalitarian communist shall be terminated in the world.

I dream of peace around the world & more tolerence for the differences of others. Peace & love

My dream for my country is for people to not steel from people because there are bad people in the world

As a girl who was bullied, my dream is to establish a nonprofit organization that handles dispute resolution among "at risk" girls...

Peace and vater - Standing between all. less anger. more calm.

Be a great Dad

My dream for our world is to have peace because there will be no more fighting. Elise

to get everlasting peace in the world. To bring the economy back to people having jobs and keeping ther homes. But most of all to be Debt Free. Sonja

I have a dream that girls in rural Amhara in particular and throughout Ethiopia will be able to go to school, will become bilingual in Amharic and English languages, will become literate in Amharic an...

For the world to have peace and harmony -Elaina

that all children are loved and have food, water, a safe home, and good education.

that one day I may treat complete strangers as I would treat my family or friends.

We all Live in Peace

to have & live in a society where equality is the norm-not a far-fetched idea; to see a day when even hidden or subtle racism is no more& peace with all men is part of everyday life.

Globally that all people would live life on purpose with purpose to fulfill the destiny for which they were created.

All races working together to achieve peace. We all need to work together in balancing out the economy. We all need to work together in respecting everyone