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I dream that one day the world will stop living in fear of one another, and develop a unit of genuine, loving trust.

I want to to change the world so there won't be any rasism left...

my dream is to go to collage and have a good job as a docter or lawryer

For the wars that we are fighting to end so that our children will not have to die anymore! I wish for world peace!

My dream is to make everyone happy and help those who needs help .love them the way i want to be loved and respect everyone

To see a place in the hearts of men where hope does not mean no faith does not mean cannot and courage is not marked by a yellow line but a human line of those who would step up to the plate.

My dream is that the world will be peaceful.

My dream for my community is for people to not drive near my house every day because they mite steel my things. Ahmad

to achieve my purpose of encouraging every man woman and child to live for God on purpose in love and to live again; for life is eternal as peace and love has no end.

To help making peace in the world ..

That we can one day live in a world that is free of all bias, micro inequities, and stereotypes so that we can live in a truly free and equal world.

My Dream is that one day the most vulnerable of our citizens, the citizen in the womb, will be afforded their first inalienable right and that is life.

to continue to see + witness all the good work - kindness + understanding shown to one another.

My dream is break out into the music/extertainment industry, and change the way people see females in hip hop

That peace and equalness will spread throughout the world [Jamaal]

for not kiting [Alona]

is for my grandson to see a better world and reality than it was in my day-- God Bless

My dreams is freedom to speak as i want to no barriers after that and have peace ,love, happiness, and help others around the world in my own ways.

World peace, better economy. Retired before Age of 40. My baby girl with a joyful happy life.