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To see the world continue the progress of love, truth and develop a world where all people are equal at all times.

I have a dream that we can all strive together and show our next generation that they can be anything they want to be!

to be happy. ☺

Mt dream is...there will no more struggles in world. [Miah]

My dream is to have friends with each other. Not by the color of their skin by how big their heart is.

My dream is to become as successful as I can be for my beautiful daughter. I would like us to get a better handle on crime so we can all join hands in PEACE! -Darrina

To see a place in the hearts of men where hope does not mean no faith does not mean cannot and courage is not marked by a yellow line but a human line of those who would step up to the plate.

My dream is for world peace

To change the world for the better. To promote peace. To change the lives of those less fortunate.

Is to live in a world free of war and racism. Full of peace and togetherness and love.

We pray for peace with justice Throughout The World and especially across The Middle East. May Dr. King's words and actions continue to change hearts and minds around The World!...

A world of equality and mutual respect based on integrity--an enviroment where each can reach their personal best.

for there to be no hated toward people and for the world to be its cleanest. In other words world peace to become a reality. [Alphonso]

Find peace and happiness in everything I do for my business, community, and family

I dream for each of us to find a way to love and respect one and another, no matter the differences and experience that define us.

To see the manifestation of Dr. King's dream actualized around the World...

I have a dream that someday religious extremism will be replaced by an acceptance and celebration of religious diversity. "Nothing to kill or die for ..."...

For everyone to get along. -Guadalupe

I had a dream that people thought of each another as people. Not just a thing to labor and overwork, or to fight or to brawl with. People don't see each another as people, they see each other as...

Let our nation be strong in the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King - Kory, TX