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Dreams: Peace

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My dream is for the world to be peaceful and to be racism free forever. By: Lanadia

My dream is to be free. My dream is to be able to live however I want with no obstacles, no barriers, no laws. Rules exist to be broken. People should fight to be free of this system...

For World Peace!

My dream is to help other people. I want to help poeple if they are scared, hurt, or if they are feeling broken on the inside. I want there to be peace for everyone and there to be no more violence.

For a more peace-full, generous, and optimistic world- and one committed to protecting all of our natural resources - for my children, grandchildren and their children to follow

I dream to keep black people equal with whites. To be a peace maker solve the problem of the world

is to have peace on earth no wars just peace

Peace in the World. Good health for my family. A cure for multiple mycloma.

That we all as citizens of this awesome and dynamic nation live up to greatness of generation past...

I have a dream that everything will be happier place to live. Tariyon

Hope, faith, and love

One day stop adolescent violence of murders and robbery

my dream is for world peace. All the countries live together in peace and help each other out in any way they can. There will be no wars between countries just settle confrontations peacefully.

To live to finally see and experience the end of racism. I sincerely hope this will happen duriing my lifetime...

that everyone will be peaceful with each other!

is for my grandson to see a better world and reality than it was in my day-- God Bless

that all mankind will live in peace and harmony

To one day achieve total peace of mind and pure happiness

My dream in there would be peace on earth and no more poverty [Ben]

I have a dream that we will all be treated as equals in this world.I have a dream that we will get along with each other and that we will be one world united as one nation together.