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Dreams: Peace

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My Dream is everyone to not get bullied and be treated fairly at school - Elijah (age 9)

To see Dr. King's vision for peace and equality continue to be shared with generations to come.

My dream is to work towards a peaceful world through understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

One day stop adolescent violence of murders and robbery

i had a drem that people will never go to war with weapons but words

Our United States and the rest of the world to begin anew; new cultural, spiritual classical renaissance...

Health care equality Fair and equitable legal system Support and quality education Peace - The END of WAR

I dream that some day people will encourage each other rathern than bring each other down...

I have a dream. Where one day this world will be civil. Where a person, white or black, can walk down a street without fear. I have a dream, Where one day all the people in the world can be civil.

for world peace

That all men, women, boys and girls will realize their worth, as the Lord has given to them and live by Romans 12:21. Peace & Love to all. Live the Dream.

Peace in the heart of everybody of the world

My dream for our community is that everyone will care for one another and show respect towards each other. Nya

My dream is for more Christians to reach out to the more of the world and share the love of Jesus Christ in order for them to be saved.

I have a dream my 5 year old son would not be judged based on the country his family orginated or his name...

The world can get to a point where everyone can live with peace. Where war is a matter of history.

My dream is for someone to love me unconditionally. To see me as who I am, a beautiful child of God, perfectly imperfect and full of potential. I want this for everyone...

Peace and vater - Standing between all. less anger. more calm.

Country: My dream for my country is to help the people who have nothing. There are people out there that need someone to care for them.

I dream of a time when we no longer have to worry about crazed individuals taking the lives of innocent people. A time of peace across the world...