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My Dream ia to have love & peace around the world.

Peace Happiness

My dream for our community is peace and to end hunger. Austin

For good health, lots of love and God's protection for my family and the world. For the next generation to know peace to help and serve each other. [Jane Clark]...

I Dream is for my son to be healthy and have a happy life. World Peace Peace Within Equality

For the world to have peace and harmony -Elaina

that minds and hearts will remain open to everything involving love and equality, Peace & Love -Christine

To be successful as a video producer, to be healthy and start a familly and to be happy. Also, to see an end to all World Hunger, wars, and poverty racism and prejidusism.

my dream is to be a motivational speaker in Chase and other areas of our country to help build healthy thinking, emotional and mental balance to not only help Chase build their goals but to help...

My dream is that one day, people begin loving one another for who they are instead of hating them because of the color of their skin. There is a lot of killing going on in this world perpetuated by...

That one day we as a people will come together and support each other in peace and love everyone.

that all People are happy and for world peace

I dream that one day we as a people will love each other as God loves us.

A world where we remove the barriers that divide us, where our difference are respected and our commonalities are celebrated, where a person's dream and become reality and where compassion for...

I dream Thailand have aleader person like Martin Luther King jr

For all people men & women to have a peace that no human can understand

to realize in my lifetime acceptance of human beings regardless of their race, ethnicity, class or sexual orientation that we might unite to combat injustice everywhere.

Peace for the people of the United States and the World so the children will be happy.

Find peace and happiness in everything I do for my business, community, and family

to let peace and freedom ring. To have a world with wonderful people. Sofia