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To help create harmony in the world, by raising the conscience level in families through energy and spiritual practices.

The Path of the King, king. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A true Measure of a king that once here in earth that actually sought Peace, pursued Peace, I would say his Passion came from thinking of...

My dream is that acceptance and tolerance will open to love and harmony. [Robin]

I have a dream that one day we will be able to end violence and strive for world peace. Their are too many unexpected shootings and mass murders of innocent people. A certain amount of years ago it...

That my daughter can grow up in a world where differences are valued and honored. Also, where disagreement are resolved peacefully and with dignity.

To For Love Peace And Happiness may God Bless Our Love Sandra

just be you

My dream is to end the ignorance and work together to realize we are all of one race...the HUMAN race. Love one another, smile in the midst of madness and laugh. Tomorrow is not promised to live...

For everyone to get along. -Guadalupe

is to see Everybody from, every nation Join together; in love; peace; harmony as one.

My dream is that as an African American woman I will be judged for my gifts, intelligence, and talent FIRST, and no longer be stereotyped, and judged solely by my gender and skin color.

My dream is to human Bring to gder [Dylan

My children will live in a truly global world - fully of peace and collaboration.

My dream for our country is to become peaceful like Switzerland, make the Middle East not hate us anymore, and be at peace.

i have a dream, that one day no people shall ever be a bully in schools worldwide.

Let our nation be strong in the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King - Kory, TX

To have peace on earth for all men

my dream is for people to not be judged by the way they are or their color their race we are all human no body perfect we are all made the way we are for a reason Anquineice

That no man or woman will suffer anymore. That God will bring an end to discrimination, sickness and death and we will all live in peace and everlasting happiness.

To have independence day for India on the calendar! Love, lights, many blessings, Lolita