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Dreams: Peace

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That all those marginalized and disenfranchised will find justice.

Is evey budy to feel good [Trey]

Free healthcare!!

To live peacefully with love and all people

A world where all Races, Religions, and ethnicities can live as brothers, sisters, and elders without predetermining conditions based on underlying differences of Races, Religions, and ethnicities.

I Have A Dream to end ALL hunger and for us to ALL be equal! I Have A Dream to continue Dr. King's dream and to have nothing BUT THE SWEET SOUND OF PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

My dream is that I would like MK dreams to continue and to be taught in all Schools around nation. and that peace and love will continue, hunger will be a thing of the past. Francis

My dream is to live in a world where no one would ever want to kill a man like MLK.

Peace for All God's People Pam

Peace and happiness for all people before this life is over.

I want world peace and the world to be a better place. -Zaria

i have a dream that one day racism will end and everyone will be treated equally

to see my cousin graduate from a 4- year institution

I have three dreams, 1.My personal dream: I want to pursue my dream and be an actress. 2. Friendship: I want to keep my friend close even if she moves away. 3...

to achieve my purpose of encouraging every man woman and child to live for God on purpose in love and to live again; for life is eternal as peace and love has no end.

to have my children grow up in a peaceful loving world!

Hatred is conquered [Mauree]

Peace and Goodwill toward men [Stephanie]

i HAVE A DREAM THAT ONE DAY... there will be WORLD PEACE. That all the troops who are stationed away from their families will be able to come home and not worry about being under attack...

My dream is to have martin Luther King Jr. hadn't died of such violent ways...