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Dreams: Respect

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That we all as a people can get along and work together to accomplish our goals. also that we build each other up and not tear ach other down.

My dream for our community is we all be nice to each other.

I have a dream that everybody will respect each other.

My Dream is that someday gay and straight, men and women will have equal rights and laws in the United States, and someday the world including gay marraige

My dream is for everyone to be happy for everything they have in life. And then people use the talents they have to help the less fortunate around them instead of being selfish.

I have a dream that we American People would care more for our elderly family members and not stick them in nursing homes. Russia

i have a dream that everyone in every country would be educated just the same as we are today

My dream is to become a professional football player. Also to become wealthy enough to help the community.

I dream that human beings will no longer trafficked, sold into slavery anywhere. I dream that modern-day slavery will be abolished.....

i had a drem that people will never go to war with weapons but words

I have a dream that girls in rural Amhara in particular and throughout Ethiopia will be able to go to school, will become bilingual in Amharic and English languages, will become literate in Amharic an...

My dream for the community is that all animals have a home and a caring owner. I want this to happen because animals have feelings too and they do not like to be treated with disrespect.

My dream is to have our Children and county safe from violence. To feel free live without govement restrictions and prosper by hard work and dedication.

to continue to see + witness all the good work - kindness + understanding shown to one another.

That all of Mankind will learn to love and respect one another

is to use my talents and energy to spread hope and confidence in all the lives I touch...

Dr King was a family friend. He attended Boston University and took classes with my parents there and at Harvard Divinity School...

People will see & know that we are the same & not be blinded by outside features & human jewelry.

I want to encourage others they are who they are and they dont have to act like someone else

that everybody treats animals with respect, kindness and most importantly love.