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Dreams: Respect

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To have everyone understand each other and for life to be free

i have a dream, that one day no people shall ever be a bully in schools worldwide.

i have a dream that people will stop choping down forests.why?because the more forests you chop down the more plants, will you like it if a plant or animal comes in to your home and chop it...

My dream for our country is that all the wars will be over so that all of our brave soldiers can come back to live with their families and they can have happy and loving lives. Ben

That teaching INTEGRITY to our children begins at an early age and becomes for them a fabric in the tapestry of their lives.

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.

That bullying will stop worldwide.

Our country needs our Democracy back. We are losing control to groups that do not have OUR best interest.

i have a dream that one day people will respect all people woth disabilties

That we would all learn to count our Blessings as there are so many less fortunate people in the world! Treat others the way we'd like to be treated with kindness compassion and respect. !

My dream is to not have bullying. Also to not have people feel and believe that they are ugly or stupid or anything else when they are bullied...

My dream is that one day homosexuals will have complete marriage rights in every state of the USA and in every country in the world.

I have a dream of being respectful to others and to end violence in the world. My dream involves my personel goals of being smarter and being better...

My dream for our community is that everyone will be kind to other people and animals. Ben

that everyone would be respectful and Kind to all the people In the world. My God shine His Light on All Our People in the world

I dream for each of us to find a way to love and respect one and another, no matter the differences and experience that define us.

I have a dream that all the people that shooting will stop. The more people shoot the more people will die.

to have more people like Dr. MLK to make this world a better place and for me to accomplish some of the things Dr. King did! :) God Bless

In love and sincerity, to make a positive difference in the world, to give back in eveyway possible...a small deed, a kind word, a smile, a hug and/or giving of my the community, to family a...

that one day we will all love and respect each other regardless of race or ethnicity. Let's become "One" People. "One Love"