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Cynthia that by the end of 2012 I will be a homeowner that I will get my pHd in education on or before 2020 my grandchildren will live in a more diversely and accepting world of each other's...

My dream is for my biracial children to not have to chose which race they want to belong to and be accepted for the character of their worth and not the "mixed" color of their skin...

That bullying will stop worldwide.

To touch people with love. Hope for our youth.

To become a video game artist. To make games for kids and less violence. Caleb Farrish NC

To change lives and give every child a future to look forward too

My 4 kids Nicholas 16, Jonathan 14, Jessica 13 and Hannah 11, will all graduate from college and see learning as a life time commitment. And that our country will return to a government of the people...

that one day - in the near future - all the young people in the country who are struggling with unemployment - will be able to find the type of work they are passionate about doing.

to change one child's life through my teaching...

One day stop adolescent violence of murders and robbery

my dream is for everyone to get along. and for school to be an option instead of a requriment, because when people have to do some thing they dont wanna do it but when its an option more people wanna...

to one day work in the white house inorder to help change America's education policies for children. Making sure that everyone suceed's by any means necessary!!...

I have a dream that my students will change the world.

My dream is that every child under the age of 8 will not have to work for their village.

I could live life like Santa and Jackfrost and the reindeer.

To make peacemakers of our inner city youth and organize million youth march for peace.

To see all people come together without all the hatred. The end of all racism.

make every be possible

My Dream is that all children are given the opportunity to dream big and achieve!

to become a licensed counselor so I can minister to teenage girls