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Tougher gun laws to keep our schools and public places safe.

To make peacemakers of our inner city youth and organize million youth march for peace.

My dream is to make it through school. Live as happily as I can and love with my heart.

T live a happy life and do what I can to bring joy to other. We don't always know what others are feeling, but we can shake joy all over...

Is to one day have World Peace, So that our Children, (our future Leaders) will not have to fight in Wars that we had and are still fighting in. U.S. Army SFC.

my dream is for everyone to get along. and for school to be an option instead of a requriment, because when people have to do some thing they dont wanna do it but when its an option more people wanna...

to help children all over the world to make sure they are protected. No child should live in fear.

To enhance the minds of our youth and to encourage fellow friends and family to build better communities

For all people to feel and be empowered. I would like to leave this earth with a strong feeling that future legacies know that the sky is the limited if they believe in themselves.

Every child shall be well educated to their full potential.

That my four children may live in a world free from fear.

to be happy. ☺

To become a young woman that the world can count on. I am to be an advocate for all africans and people of color. I dream to be an alley of humanity. Someone who really cares.

My dream is that the world will be peaceful.

To open a community center in St. Charles Parish(Louisiana) that aloow youth to genuinely come together across racial, social, and economic barriers and closes the educational and generational GAP!

I have a dream that one day I will be able to help a community improve their environment.

That nobody will spend my future earnings today.

i dream that people wont hurt animals. that kids wont be abused. every body would be happier it would improve the econmy because the people wont be hurt nor animals.

to make a difference in the life of every child that I come in contact with, to let them know that they are loved, apprecated, and worthy.

Make a difference in the lives of children