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Dreams: Youth

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To help others with little kids in black or white whether they are pour or celebrities, singers Glenneice

For a world where there is no violence against women, men, and children and for equality amongst is all.

To help youth of all ages dream as much as possible!

I want to be a successful black lawyer and specialize in children that have been abused neglected -Deonte- Arabia Mountian Hugh

I have a dream that my 3 year old daughter will never feel different or not accepted because she has two mommies.

That children are empowered via love...

to educate African American children about themselves and open up my own school.


that this generation will rise above their social limitations and achieve a better future than the one they have been labeled with.

My Dream is to lieht to pteand onh Ovcainst

to stay healthy keep my current weight off and maintain goal. Also I hope to retire in Aug 2013 from GCPS and to become a full time drug counselor for youths

My dream is to live in a world where our children won't have to fear obtaining or financing a quality education so as to succeed in life.

I dream of a time when we no longer have to worry about crazed individuals taking the lives of innocent people. A time of peace across the world...

Every child shall be well educated to their full potential.

That my children will never have to be subjected to the horrors of racism and inequality.

My dream is for every child to have access to elementary, intermediate and postgraduate education.

To become a corporate Attorney ; after graduation from my dream university University of Florida'. Then come up with my own Non-Profit for Disabled Kids [Shanequa]

To be able to truly impact youth and guide them to success. That success will include them going to college and learning skills that will enable them to actively create and live their own dreams.

For my daughter to be proud of who she is and for the world to be supportive of her aspirations.

to make a difference in the life of every child that I come in contact with, to let them know that they are loved, apprecated, and worthy.