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Dreams: Youth

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My dream is that I could come up with a cure for cancer.

Let Some of these leader speak some good to HELP. Stay a greate assistant to theyoung - elderly. use this Reciyling to help Care for All. An Stop with Just Give Teach the to

That Keyshawn Brown and Krystle Baez will go to college the world.

For children in the US to value education just as much as children in other countries & for parents to help instill this value in their children.

make every be possible

Mothers to have every opportunity to teach their children [Chloe]

I have a dream about everyone in world are happy. I have a dream about not caring about color but care about friendship.

my dream is for my children and grandchildren to be reflective of the dream set forth by Dr. King

my dream is to graduate from Duke university and be a major league baseball player.

My dream is to be more opened-minded and explore new friendships and new things . I want to make my community a better place. Solana

to reduce the amount of psychotropic drugs given to foster youth and adjudicated teens by providing an alternative to medication. Octavia

is to have a good education so I can make the world a better place for the children come under me

Peace. Love. Equality.

That my children and all children will view this struggle as their cultural heritage and not as their present reality.

for all children 2 become well-educated and have an appreciation 4 all humanity. My dream is 4 everyone 2 love one another regardless of any sort of difference. [Journalistorian]

to educate the youth on the important of education. Knowledge plus application equals power. Dr. King had a great vision not only for the black people but for all races...

to see my cousin graduate from a 4- year institution

Let everyone have freedom of choice.

To touch people with love. Hope for our youth.

My dream is to be a policeman so that I can protect and serve.