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Dreams: Be Happy

531 dreams to explore

I have dream for world peace. That world hunger can also stop. For everybody to be happy and love on another.

for everyone to understand what Dr. King wanted for everyone.

My dream is that one day our country will withdraw from war and the troops come back to their families...

That we live in a world that free from being pre-judged. We all must trust one another. Also college will be affordable to all that wants to attend school

My dream is to help people & live a good & happy life Love{illegible name}

I dream of traveling across the globe one day. I want to learn about the cultures around the world that are different than my own, and be able to gain valuable understanding from them...

For the world to know only love and happiness, never hate.

Buy my own home get married. Have enough money to pay off all bills, good health prosperity much Joy, Love, and Happiness

for everyone in the whole world to be happy and content with their lives

that all children are loved and have food, water, a safe home, and good education.

i dream that one day everyone will love each other as they love themselves.

That everyone gets the opportunity to fulfill their purpose in life!

My dream is to go to college and earn an accounting degree, then eventually work my way up to a financial planner. Then I want to own a lot of rabbits.

My dream is to have a change to the world and everybody is a good person and we the people can be happy

To one day, marry the love of my life, best friend and partner in life in front of all my love ones. To have my marriage validated by my state and my country...

I want to encourage others they are who they are and they dont have to act like someone else

Is to be successful in life.

My dream is to be a math teacher. And all person feel happy [Jin]

My dream is for my family and i to be happy. For people to be free. For love ,for friendship every where you go.

I want to become a famous soccer player. I will give 15% of my money to the poor. I would like to show people that they need to follow their dreams.