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531 dreams to explore

My dream is to have an equal chance to to do anything people find posible

I dream one day of peace. Peace and prosperity that rings through our land and our world. That we all are happy and get along.

My dream is to one day become a successful video game designer

To see the world as an equal playing field. I dream of a world where poverty doesn’t exist, and everyone has an opportunity to suceed. Jovian, Kennesaw State

To bring respect back into our daily lives... and paying it forward ~

to have happiness for everyone and that everyone is able to find inner peace within themselves

Country; My dream for my country is to help end hunger.

My children to grow up in a better world than we live in today. Peace, Prosperity, & Happiness to all further generations!

To become a professional singer and businessman

For all races to come and for all people to be happy.

To always be happy and grateful no matter what challenges in life may be thrown my way.

my deam is to personal goals.And be happy for every thing that I have and every thing to serviv.also my deam is to help my family and other people arould the world.and I love the people arould me and...

Hi, my name is Kelsey M and I’m a lesbian. My main goal is for everyone to have an open mind about, sexuality and race, religion, etc. For everyone to stop turning a blind eye to the causes that keep...

I Dream is for my son to be healthy and have a happy life. World Peace Peace Within Equality

to get my grades up and for the world to continue

To achieve what God brought me to this earth to achieve. healthy baby and family blessings.

choo-choo chains, down circle

I have a dream that everything will be happier place to live. Tariyon

i want to chang the world and be a better person myles brown 7 years old

I have a dream that all the cites have swimming pools.