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Dreams: Be Happy

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My Dream to be a soccer player and to make everyone to have that freedom. and I will we will be happyness and freedom Daniel

I thank God that in my life time - the dream of MLK is coming to fruition...

I have the dream to go to college and to become a billionaire.

I have a dream about everyone in world are happy. I have a dream about not caring about color but care about friendship.

I had a dream that people could live longer............... i had a dream

I have a dream that I can achieve the American Dream and continue to praise God and unite with other Christians & celebrate black and white heritage Stephanie

Country: My dream for my country is to help the people who have nothing. There are people out there that need someone to care for them.

for everyone to understand what Dr. King wanted for everyone.

I dream that human beings regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, age, education, etc can live without fear that their circumstances will prohibit them from capt...

for my family to live a long, healthy & happy life.

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

That one day, all people will have the ability to practice the basic civil rights that are their due as human beings.

My dream for Corbett Prep is that we build a High school.

My dream is to meet mac miller because he has put a great impact on my life, and his music keeps me on the path i want to be on and his music and every thing he does makes me love him as not only an a...

My dream is to be a actress and to be a Singer,too.

to be a doctor that helps people live and be a person that prays for peace. Loren

for Peace,Love, and Happiness!

I have a dream that one day we will be able to end violence and strive for world peace. Their are too many unexpected shootings and mass murders of innocent people...

I Have A Dream… to go to college I Have A Dream…to be happy no what happens I Have A Dream…to change the world

I Dream is for my son to be healthy and have a happy life. World Peace Peace Within Equality