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Dreams: Be Happy

531 dreams to explore

I Victoria dream to grow up and become a dancer or and a Writter and i want to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

for everyone to strive in everything they do in life.

Make my children's dreams come true. I want a better world for them and love and acceptance for us all...

I have dream for world peace. That world hunger can also stop. For everybody to be happy and love on another.

Peace Happiness

I have a dream in about 10 yrs i will be a entrepreneur i look forward to sitting on top dollar fulfilling my every desires and beyond my greatest success. I have a dream that one day every...

to get a pet

I have a dream that I can love others more fully, that my eyes might be opened to their traits and characteristics that are deserving of respect, that we might see each other as brothers and sisters...

that one day I may treat complete strangers as I would treat my family or friends.

I could live life like Santa and Jackfrost and the reindeer.

My dream is to be happy, treat everyone with respect, live on this earth with all nationalities, make goals and dreams for myself and others Calvin

My dream is to jump off the cliff and LIVE!!

to be sucessful and love others around me

My dream is to see a world without any kind of war, complete peace & freedom !!!

My dream is to be a math teacher. And all person feel happy [Jin]

For evryone to treat others the way they want to be treated.

My dream for are world is that no one had to be scared; we could live in a place where you would not haft to lock your doors at night.

To make the world a better place. And to have no more violence [Anson]

I have a dream that all the cites have swimming pools.

To have a wonderful life and to travel around the world and to learn new cultures.