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To have a happy and successful life while helping others do what I love.

my dream is to dream of a dream and have a dream about a dream dreaming

Buy my own home get married. Have enough money to pay off all bills, good health prosperity much Joy, Love, and Happiness

To keep moving forward like Dr.King said.

My dream is for everyone to find as much love as I did.

MY DREAM: To see today's youth be able to have a happy innocent childhood. To see the end of gun violence as a whole and particularly among the inner city youth. That they will wake up with...

My dream is to be happy and make others happy by writing and performing music.

I have a dream that dreams will no longer be viewed as things separate from man's day-today existence, but as necessary as the air he breathes and the water he drinks...

I had a dream that people could live longer............... i had a dream

I have a dream, to go back to school to further my education to better my life for me and my children. For all of those who bleed and died for us to have this opportunity I thank thee. Steph

I have a dream...that at the end of the day, we will realize the importance of love. The importance of our chosen family. That even without biological family, you can have people that would do...

To play football and basketball, and really really famous, and ppertect my kids, and be safe. [Nathan]

My dream for are world is that no one had to be scared; we could live in a place where you would not haft to lock your doors at night.

to build bigger, and bettrer houses for families with low income.

My dream is to one day become a successful video game designer

To make others smile!

Peace and happiness for all people before this life is over.

To become a late night TV show host

Peace in our minds. Courage to speak our truth. Love in our hearts. Ability to walk. The path of visionary change. [Remsteller]

To be happy & free, Love my kids unconditionally JDaris GSU, NC