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Dreams: Be Happy

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my dream is that martin luther king jr. was still alive so he can live his dreams.

To enjoy & savor every minute of life surrounded by the people I love!

to get a pet

My dream is to be a actress and to be a Singer,too.

Is evey budy to feel good [Trey]

To be a succesful lawyer

i dream that one day everyone will love each other as they love themselves.

I want to grow up, go to a good college and get a degree. Then get a medical digree so I can grow up and be a doctor...

To have Peace for everyone in the world. There be no more hunger, homelessness, no more wars...

I had a dream that people could live longer............... i had a dream

i have a dream that i will be able to feel pretty, stop trying to hurt myself, stop believing im worthless, and to stop being jealous.

I have a dream that all people should be treated the same . and tha i want to be a proprofesinal soccer and football and basketball player . may God bless you amen.

The chance to Reach my potential I'm 3y2 1-12-12 [Delaney B]

Is that we don't have to dream anymore for freedom and equality and that these become a reality soonest.

My dream is that my Nana can be free of cancer.


...That one day we will all be happy and friends. That would be fantastic!

I want to live.

My Dream: To achieve a Nobel Prize, and hopefully be the youngest Nobel Prize winner.

that one day the basic daily needs of everyone on the planet will be met. That we will be without war and co-exist in peace and harmony.