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531 dreams to explore

a successful atty that lives a happy life filled with joy and love. Also to live a life dedicated to God. -Bridgette.

My dream is for someone to love me unconditionally. To see me as who I am, a beautiful child of God, perfectly imperfect and full of potential. I want this for everyone. Because if everyone could...

For my family to live a happy, balanced healthy and prosperous life. I also want to help others obtain this same dream.

My dream is to achieve all of my life goals without discrimination, money, and other people holding me back

Peace, happiness for all mankind end poverty and homelessness economic stability better improved equality public education.

To see the world as an equal playing field. I dream of a world where poverty doesn’t exist, and everyone has an opportunity to suceed. Jovian, Kennesaw State

I have a dream that one day i will live in a big beautiful house with twins. I wish that i could be a lawyer or a model. I wish that i could have a sweet nice husband as well. I would like to...

I Have A Dream I have a dream there will be less world hunger.

My dream is to jump off the cliff and LIVE!!


I have a dream that one day everyone person and country will live in peace!

be happy

My dream is to be happy and faithful in all things. Get closer to God and have a great life. [Mr. and Mrs. Ogbondah]

To become a famous singer. To help make a difference

I have a dream, I have a dream that one day everyone will be able to gain an education and live out their dreams. ~CameronE. Dolores, CO.

Ronald- To live long and happy

...That one day we will all be happy and friends. That would be fantastic!

Live is short, live it to the fullest!!!! Keep God first, all things are possible.

My dreams for the country is that all families can be supported by jobs, and have shelter and amenities for life because everyone should have the right to live life to the fullest. Kiran

to find complete happiness and peace. To live life to the fulliest and have no regrets. Christina.