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i have a dreeam that all people get along so the world could have a better chance at a future

for everyone in the whole world to be happy and content with their lives

to show each person that crosses my path that we have much to be thankful for. To remind people around me to keep looking up and moving forward with a smile, to conquer mountains and attain small...

My dream for our country is that all children will have the option to play sports and succeed in life, no matter their social class. Rhea

My dream for this community is for our streets to be clean in all of Tampa because it can keep people from getting sick.Mason

My dream is to have an equal chance to to do anything people find posible

i dream that one day everyone will be nice to one another..

I want to encourage others they are who they are and they dont have to act like someone else

i want to chang the world and be a better person myles brown 7 years old

When the time comes to end the day to day rat race of 9 to 5, I will be able to focus on the purpose of my existence. Hopefully, that discovery will enable me to make an improvement in my community;...

I have a dream that my students will change the world.

My dream is that one day we can overcome the racial barrier as a nation. We will drop prejudices and treat each other with love and respect. I hope to one day fulfill Dr.King's dream and live in...

To be happy & free, Love my kids unconditionally JDaris GSU, NC

Peace.. Love.. Happiness... Success... Prosperity... Wisdom... Knowledge... God's Guidance! :)...

My dream is for everyone to be happpy Niala

To be happy, successful, and make a great impact on people's lives before I die. Most importantly, to love God. Let go, Let God. -Dawn...

choo-choo chains, down circle

That everyone will be good. -Kennedi


My dream is for everyone to find as much love as I did.