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531 dreams to explore

I want to grow up, go to a good college and get a degree. Then get a medical digree so I can grow up and be a doctor. To help the sick kids to feel better and go back outside and play with their...

My dream is that everybody will love themselves and be confident and happy.

My dream is to take of my family have a good life and just stay positive and just enjoy life -Joe

My dream is to not have bullying. Also to not have people feel and believe that they are ugly or stupid or anything else when they are bullied. Also to not be judged on how you look everyday and to...

Country; My dream for my country is to help end hunger.

Peace Happiness

I dream to one day walk down the street holding the hand of my partner and not worry about what people think or watch them stare.

The right to work and be equal on all avenues, as I'm disabled and have never been treated as an equal to others that aren't... I received an ASB degree in accounting from a state school in...

my dream is to go to collage and have a good job as a docter or lawryer

to be sucessful and love others around me

TO graduate from VSU and live a health and happy life and spread peace to all.

My dream is to become more educated and make more informed opinions and decisions.

My dream is to help people & live a good & happy life Love{illegible name}

( Makayla)My Drean in life is to join the medical career to become a RN,after i become a RN i would like to join acting and singing career, i do more singing than acting i actually think im a pretty...

To live in a peaceful society where everyone practices the golden rule to treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Enjoy a healthy, happy family life.

Health and happiness for my family.

My dream is to go to college and then become an FBI detective.

I dream of a day that people will not be denied rights based on their sexuality.

My dream is to end war beacause I think that we should have more peacein the world.

My dream is to make a daily contribution to the elimination of racial and cultural discrimination: In conversations with friends and family; in workplace dialogue and decisions; in my personal...