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Is evey budy to feel good [Trey]

Health, Love and Happiness for my family.

My dream for our community is that no one gets bullied or feels bad because I think that everyone deserves to be happy. Martina

for my children to be as happy and as fortunate as I have been personally, professionally, and otherwise.

I Have A Dream I have a dream there will be less world hunger.

to find complete happiness and peace. To live life to the fulliest and have no regrets. Christina.

i wish i could be a basketball player.i hope to be a boxer and a football player.

To be happy, healthy and to improve daily.

My dream is to transform my family to a place where all are treated with respect. With no fights, no misjudgements and with sheer love, respect, and belongingness. My dream is to be happy and to keep...

To be happy, successful, and make a great impact on people's lives before I die. Most importantly, to love God. Let go, Let God. -Dawn...

My dream is to be happy and make others happy by writing and performing music.

I have a dream that one day everything will just work out. That one morning I'll wake up and I wont hate Mondays and mornings. And on that day maybe, for once, I'll eat my breakfast and the...

My dream is to end war beacause I think that we should have more peacein the world.

To always be able to dream big and hope everyone around the world has the same opportunity.

be happy

i have a dream that i can finish school

My dream is to see a world without any kind of war, complete peace & freedom !!!

I have a dream that every body should be equal and treated the same and nobody should have to pay for education and knowledge

To be happy & free, Love my kids unconditionally JDaris GSU, NC

I have a dream that one day i will walk the halls of school with people greeting each other. I have a dream that bullying does not exist.