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Dreams: End War

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My dream for our world is peace. The world would be a much better place if everyone got along.

i had a drem that people will never go to war with weapons but words

I have dream for world peace. That world hunger can also stop. For everybody to be happy and love on another.

i have a dream to end all wars

A Cure for cancer & AIDS; end to nuclear weapons.

Health care equality Fair and equitable legal system Support and quality education Peace - The END of WAR

my dream is to help other people with a lot of things like cooking,shoping for food and my other dream is to be A basketball player I love.

The Middle East full of peace, love and friendship without dictators like Bashar Assad and Khamenei.

My dream in there would be peace on earth and no more poverty [Ben]

my dream is for world peace. All the countries live together in peace and help each other out in any way they can. There will be no wars between countries just settle confrontations peacefully.

i have a dream that everyone will be treated equally and there will be no war or hatred all over the world


My dream for our country is that we keep peace with other countries like China and Russia because we do not want to go through a world war III.

My dream for the world is to end all the wars because some of my famliy is in iraq

I have a dream that one day world hunger and war will end.

My dream for our country we have peace with other country and get along.

That we study war no more and remember Dr. King's Dream.

My dream is although we will not always agree with one another, respecting another person's view point would go a long way in making the world a safer place with less discord in our daily lives...

I have a dream that there will be world peace and that I will be successful in life and that racism will be abolished.