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To see and know everything this world has to offer. [Ke'Andre]...

When I grow up I want to be a police Officer. Ayden Smith 1-15-12

I want to live in a world that sees men that are not afraid to love & protect their help meets, push their children to the be the best they can be, create meaningful partnerships to see King...

To reach my highest level of potential, to make my family proud and continue to be a hard-working, dedicated woman!

I hope to be successful in life!! As a person!!! [Alexis]

My dream is to be the president of the United States of America obe a singer or a dancer and Martin Luther King J.r inspired me that anything you put your mind to you can do it. Daijonna

Is to be successful in life.

To have a good grade and finish college.

To Be successful & to continue the Legacy of Dr. King

For the people to be great. -Miles, Jan 16, 2012

My dream is to have a daycare one day. To prepare kids for school and life. To make a difference for them. Monique

To be president, we can all be friends and if you dont like that idea, dont shoot me, fire me for being president

My dream is to be more open and aware of my past and people that made a way for me to live today.

To creatively empower our youth of all races, religions and backgrounds.

to teach the African Kids how to play soccer so they can be healthy.

to create a smarter sustainable healthcare system in America as well as globally.

My dream is to be heard as a football player. [Jamar] P.S. I want the Saints to win the Super Bowl 2012.

To Start my own Company so i can Hire Minorty's Dennis...

That my family live a health life and my grandson conti to do well, my wife will get better and the rest of my family

Use the gifts that God has given me to help others reach their fullest potential - [HL]