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To have my high school not be recognized as some call-it "a party school" but be recognized as a school the educates some of the most beautiful people in the world VSTATE Trojans!!...

Be a millionare!

To do good in school [Taylor]

My dream is to become President of the United States of America, ensure American ascendancy, ensure respect for the U.S, and bring the thoughts and ideals of Prussian Militarism (1806-1945) to the...

To be fearless, Take each day as it comes. Live my life out to the fullest. Make sure that we stay free-cause Dr. King worked way too hard for everything to go down the drain. I have a dream that I...

My dream is to be the best I can be.

to live life to the fullest without regret and inspire my son and others to believe in the impossible.

My dream is to be successful in life and have a family

My dream is to go to college and then become an FBI detective.

to become my best self so I can help others each day to learn how to help themselves. This is my dream.

for everyone to strive in everything they do in life.

that in Belgium, capital of Europe, Black, Muslims, women, young, gay, and everybody should be paid correctly for the jobs they are doing everyday with justice, respect, and media tells only the...

My dream is that someday I will truly be happy.

To change the world and become someone great. To be someone whose name lives on. I want to be heard. That's one of my dreams...

My Dream is to be the best writer

to discover alien on another planets

Let Some of these leader speak some good to HELP. Stay a greate assistant to theyoung - elderly. use this Reciyling to help Care for All. An Stop with Just Give Teach the to

To take it to the next level!

For my mother to all have all her hearts desire and for me to br able to do things that will help countless people help homeless people and others.

I like my gams I play bascet [Charles]