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I want to inspire others and leave a "footstep" in the world...

To be great in every challenge I set for myself and always do what I love.

to be the best in life and set and accomplish my goals. My other dream is to do the best I can so I can be who I want to be and live my life to the fullest and never regret my actions. Amoney

My dream is to either become a teacher or a CGI artist. I wish to show children they are loved and to show them how to grow into a great person. A CGI artist because I am able to attempt to put...

my dream is to become successful model and be great at what i do and to give back to my community

That our next generation do not know the meaning of racism. [Orlando]

To someday make it up on this board -Seth

My dream is that my Nana can be free of cancer.

I want to see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

To be successful ~Imani

to One day to Have my own Salon and be able to work from Home. Not to go in on no work hours of others

To creatively empower our youth of all races, religions and backgrounds.

My dream is to be debt free. My dream is to be happy and for my children to grow up beautifully and be well rounded adults.

have a job

my dream is to be first black lady prime minister Faith

To see a more closeness with Africa and find a peace within the world. It is important that our young children know their history in order to move forward.

To live as an example of what God want for us. A life of peace and love. My dream of my life ending is not to [illegible] a life of things but a value to my family and friends to be in God's...

My dream is for my family to stay strong and my children to grow and be the best that they can be.

To meet Dr. Martin King in the Earth mad new -Celice

To be successful in my music and acting career. I would love to portray Mrs. King in a movie and tell the won H how she carried Dr. King's man the [illegible]...