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Dreams: Personal Goals

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To be able to fulfill the mission and goal of life as given to us by God. To use the example of Christ as my standard and measurement of growth. To give to my fellow man and show love in all I do! -...

To do the work of an evangelist [Katriaa]

My dream is for my family to stay strong and my children to grow and be the best that they can be.

For these papers to be used to help us train our youth to become foot soldiers in our struggle for "The Beloved Community" using Dr. King principles of non violence and agape love...

My dream is to be inspired and achieve greatness in all I do and inspire other to their greatness.

That my family live a health life and my grandson conti to do well, my wife will get better and the rest of my family

to be very strong and to live very long. I would be the President and talk about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Allison

My dream is to make this world better. By Kiya

To be rich [Caudice]

1. to never die 2. to become a doctor 3. to be father/ husband -Will

For God to bless me with the gift of healing with his power. I want to be able to prey safe one out of bondage. Let's not forget the financial blessings. Sonjia 1/16/2012...

Is to be a millionaire

My Dream is to become just like Martin Luther King and show the world what life is really about and my sis Che Che to become a doctor

Become a successful pharmacist and always prove to myself that I am capable of anything as long as i put my mind to it

to succeed in school and to do my best in everything I do. I dream that I will be really smart. -Jhaycee

For all humankind to think first with an objective mind followed by an altruistic heart.

That I will be a really good student. All the time. Also to get a degree.

To Become a Great Bass Guitar Player

My dream is to be a happy, healthy, helpful princess.

My children's children (Grand) will know that granddad had launched our family's business to levels where we can support organizations such as the King Center stay a vital and necessary...