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To ensure that everyone will have equal oppurtunity in life such as, jobs, society, and the nations belief. -Travonka

I want to be Happy With My Life. Jeeyo, Jeenedho. Regards Venugopal

To stay in GA for a while

That our next generation do not know the meaning of racism. [Orlando]

To find what i'm looking for...

to obtain my PhD and teach on an college level

that I want to be a pharmacist.

My dream is to go to the University of Texas and become a lawyer.

to form a passion

To make sure my daughter Nevaeh Ramirez full fills her life to the fullest. You only live once make the best of it! Never judge but learn from other people!

My dream is to help animals

My dream is that someday I will truly be happy.

to be a great role model to myself & others

to produce and write music where one may be able to live a successful and happy life with the music that I make.


for everybody to be accepted and respected as they are, all over the world

To be successful ~Imani

My Dream is to be a nurse when i grow up Trinity

My dream is to complete school then venture off into the army. Then, while in the army I will finish my education and get my degree. And I will also travel country and citys. By: Iy'Kevea date:...

My dream is to win gold in the Olympics in Women's Gymnastics...