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To be president of the U.S.A. Fashion designer and stop pallution and recycles everything that is our trash.

My dream is to become a politician or to become a very successful magazine editor for a fashion magazine.

That we will one day live in Peace without hate. I pray that Gay couples may marry each other without hate from others. Peace & Blessings Natural Creations

to have the most viewed and succesful fashion blog in the world

Use the gifts that God has given me to help others reach their fullest potential - [HL]

My Dream is to do good in school, get good grades. By good and have a wonderful life By Imani Buy, Mack

to be working in an IT company in the year of 2012, and my future dream is to be happy married in the coming years. South Africa to prosper.

My dream is to meet mac miller because he has put a great impact on my life, and his music keeps me on the path i want to be on and his music and every thing he does makes me love him as not only an...

To Be the Best Mommy i can be and provide my son with his every need. -LaQuana!

That when I am an adult this will be a world without racizm or critizm and nobody will be judged because of their race.

I want to be a kinesiologist and I want to attend LSU! I also want to be the best i can be! [Taylor Bee]

My dream is to be a happy, healthy, helpful princess.

to get rid of self doubt.

To be an example of trust, love, peace and honesty to all I come in contact with in life.

my dream is to be first black lady prime minister Faith

That I get a good education and work hard for it. [Cikoya]

To be successful and happy in life and to surround myself with motivation and supporting family and friends.

To help others, and find away thouth life.

to realize my full intellectual potential so that I can change the world as Martin Luther King did.

To See the world with Clear Vision.