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Dreams: Personal Goals

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I live for today with hope for tomorrow and love for yesterday.

My Dream is to one day be a NFL star & own my own resturant & to be a father of two boys.

To become the best that I can be. To be a leader and understand the right path to take depend on myself

For the Maynard Jackson Jaguar Ladies to win at least 4 more games [Tasha]

I unicorns and bunnies a pony -Leighton

To travel, meet people of all cultures, and explore different, unique places. And also for the loved to be successful.

Globally that all people would live life on purpose with purpose to fulfill the destiny for which they were created.

I have a dream that the world will be a better place, without wars and other fatal castastrophes. I have a dream that the world will be cured from all sicknesses. I just had a dream…

that my legacy/ work will me day change the life of a child or family that I will work with. It's my dream to help change them for the better.

My Dream is to be the best writer

that i will have a rech house. and a lot of money.

My dream is to graduate college.

to be an actress when I get older.

To change lives and give every child a future to look forward too

that people will know the name Dartmouth College!!!

To make laws nice to other people in the world. To be kind to others dont be mean to people because that is not nice.

To help my mom feel better and get us in a new home and put homeless people in a home. -Genesis 1/16/12

Jessica. To live my life the fullest while making a difference in the world.

to meet lots of celebrities and travel around the world. and To be a doctor and graduate from college.

To invoke transformation within myself and continue to strive towards my full potential via greater awareness...