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Globally that all people would live life on purpose with purpose to fulfill the destiny for which they were created.

to learn everything, make the most of each opportunity I am afforded, and take what I know to teach others. I want to share all that I have and serve all that I can! Sarah Eau Claire, WI

That my children and grandchildren will realize that freedome is not free a prize was paid for our freedom.

To live in a peaceful world, free of violence and war, and my be one day we will understand we are all one.

To change the way I live.

For te relationship of my children and their father to be restored.

My Dream is get good grade

To be able to reach all goals so that I can help others reach theirs.

Live life to the full!

To Become a Great Bass Guitar Player

To help people [Christian]

I have a dream that I will live happily and help others to my best ability!

To make laws nice to other people in the world. To be kind to others dont be mean to people because that is not nice.

My dream is to be SUCCESSFUL!!! Asia

that our son and daughter and granddaughter come to appreciate the strides that were accomplished to make better opportunities for them as they become adults.

Pas'trelle To overcome all obstacles that want to condem me to FAILURE! I Love being black!...

My dream is to be either a marine biologist or zoologist when I am older.

to be an actress when I get older.

To see a better world and have a career in game design

to become a change agent as an educator. I want the youth to embrace their education and follow their dream. Thank you Dr. King for your dream. Now, I too can have a dream. [Bernita Harvey]