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Personally- To be someone my son can be proud of and model his life after. Career- To be a forensic technician and help bring justice to victims via DNA. Globally- For people to treat others with...

To be happy, successful, and make a great impact on people's lives before I die. Most importantly, to love God. Let go, Let God. -Dawn...

to be great at what I do and be respected for what I become.

To be half as great as Dr King was. To lead efforts to unify the world in interfaith. To be a great orator and scholar. To be world renowned and sought after. M.D./ Ph.D

To increase the promotions & work in my own production company.

Continue to allow God to use me to assist as many people as I can by giving of my time and talent. "In Jesus name…" -SFC...

My dream is to provide a resource for young black nurses, reminding them of their history while pointing to our bright future. My other dream is to live a life for others worthy of heaven.

To truly make a difference in someone's life. Help someone today...

to be a scientist to help cure People.

My Dream is to become a great man in the world.

To change the world by offering people a dynamic experience with my company's vision...

To have a wonderful life and to travel around the world and to learn new cultures.

That God would reveal to all me that we are all dependent upon him and He is the giver of all good gifts and we are all created equal. leave this world a better place then I found it. I'd love to have a standing-room only funeral JDH'12...

My dream is to go to collage and have a daughter Lillie

My dream is to have my own personal care facility for kids with special needs [Monica]

to make the world a better place


To live in a world where I am not defined by my race but by my character and aspirations -Kyra

Equal Opportunities for all! World acceptance and tolerance! :)