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I have a dream that one day I can have a great and steady career. -Summer Robson -Dolores, CO

I aspire to refine my storytelling skills to write stories, shoot photos and record video that explains the history of my family so I will know about the stock from which I came and pass on those...

My dream is to marry and have a strong relationship with my husband and children. And leave a great legacy.

To become a successful educated women in the teaching of young men and women in perfecting the Barber and Cosmetology career -Tyrisa

to travel and to own lots of books.

To become Chief of Staff to the President of the United States of America and to be the best first lady of my husband's "Right Now" Church...

For All people to live and accomplish their Dreams!

To change the world for the better. To promote peace. To change the lives of those less fortunate.

To Become The Best Blk Man that i can Be..

that all man king will see that we all is created by God Stop killing, lying, and hurting each other help when you can and grow to believe that we are further and overcomers. -Khara

that my child grow up in a better world than I did.

My dreams is to keep a positive image and to help people keep a positive image My is to help people no matter what color. And to encourage others.To be a singer/Rapper- And I wont to go to fsu-...

To find a cure for type 1 diabetes, so my brother doesn't have to be embarrassed of his disease...

is to one day acheive my dream & inspire those while doing it. Angelica

To be as successful in reality as I am in my dreams.

I want to be a straight "A" student and a mod. Zion...

I want to be a cheerleader and to have $100 and 100 apple and be a apple girl and share. [Autumn]

My dream is to accomplish everything I set out to accomplish.

To end my journey here on this earth and know that I've made a positive difference in the lives of my friends, co-workers, neighbors, and my family...

A long health & happy life with my family. Telissa