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Dreams: Personal Goals

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My dream is that the world will be peaceful.

To Be successful & to continue the Legacy of Dr. King

To discover & develope my God given talents, to love & embrace those less fortunate to pray & to be thankful always, and to be a light that touches the lives of those around me.

Use the gifts that God has given me to help others reach their fullest potential - [HL]

my deam is to personal goals.And be happy for every thing that I have and every thing to serviv.also my deam is to help my family and other people arould the world.and I love the people arould me and ...

To love God. To love Others as I make a difference in the World.

My dream is to become a nurse. Get married and have two kids, a girl and a boy. -Jazz

to do something worthwhile, succesful, and for the good of others with my life.

To be a good girl. -Jasmine

To become a great cartoonest or artist.

My dream is to be a soccer player and to make everyone to have freedom. And I will we will be happyness and freedom. Opiti

My dream is to have the government invest in Real education for all its citizens. Education should NOT be a privilege.

to find a solution to uplift the youths, especially young black men. So they can be productive and be seen as positive figure especially in the lives of young children.

To be a better mother, wife, friend and basketball coach to all. May the talents I have been blessed with be shared and utilize for the greater good [Mary]

I have a dream to be a positive influence in children's lives, and to bring awareness to the issues that African descendants around the world face!

My dream is to impact my community in a way that is effective, positive, and meaningful; to use my skills and passion to uplift people, empower people, and inspire people to be better than there curre...

My dream is to be successful in life and have a family

To Be a Designer Juliet

my dream is to become successful model and be great at what i do and to give back to my community

Is to be in the NBA. Be a good role model. Anthony