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to make helping people my Profession.

To drive a race car. Avery

For All people to live and accomplish their Dreams!

live - life to the fullest Love - unconditionally Laugh - until I cry

My dream is to meet Mindless Behavior and Jaden Smith and Justin Beiber

To have a wonderful life and to travel around the world and to learn new cultures.

To become a dancer. Taylor

To become a professional a wife, mother. President of my own company! PEACE for ALL!

When I die, I feel no regret with all things I've done, all decissions I've met, all situations I've encountered I hope that people either forget me, or know and remember me as a good...

Is to be able to be independent and help as many others achieve that as possible. I dont want people to be held back by anything.

To see my sons grow up to be men with values and conviction.

My dream is for young people to honor and respect the legacy in which they have been raised and to fulfill the potential deep within them. Our youth is our future. I want for my own children as well...

My dream is to be a successful health care professional.

To have my own ministry counseling business criminal/justice family Ejuenile with minor social work and to be global around the nation with the words I made it

To be the best husband to my wife Anna, and father to my children Michael Jr. and Sarah. GOD BLESS!

My dream is to become more educated and make more informed opinions and decisions.

to be the best role model for my children in terms of achieving wisdom, a love of people, living everyday with purpose.

To be successful in all areas and aspects of my life.

I want to always be myself and stay true to God. I believe that God is the answer to what we need in life and that without him no one would be here today. -Kiara

To be successful in anything and everything I choose to do.