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Dreams: Personal Goals

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so many things but first, as a white female to not be questioned of my passion to serve my community which in Washington, DC is majority black-to.

Is to leave a positive impact on the world. Where my success not only benefits me but others as well.

My dream is to be successful in life and have a family

To learn how to play point guard in basketball.

to live in a society free of drugs and violence.

To live in my purpose of helping people who are disabled to live enriching lives

My dream is that no one grinds the botton; everyone can be who they wish I granted it is legal to productive and prosper, contribute to world growth and make a difference

Home ownership, condominium Odenton, MD as October 2011

My dream is to go to the University of Texas and become a lawyer.

That African-Americans will focus less on integrating and more on looking inward reclaiming their last signity, and raising their children to be cognizant and productive members of society.

To live a life that each day is will change somebody's life positively make better than yesterday...

To change the world.

To end my life as a mighty man of valor Anyone can start to do so, but the race is for me that endureth to the end. I dream to become as prolific. and impactful as the late great Dr. King. I dream to...

My dream is to stand on the shoulders of giants and walk in the path that they have laid. While making my own lane. To keep the dream, goals, and visions of Dr. and Mrs. King alive. My goals are to...

Aaliyah I get a good escasion

My dream is to make my mother proud of me. Also to be one of many black women who want settle For less than what I should be given. One of my dream is to make a difference in today society. My...

Have a good education and graduate from collige and be a good adult, and be thankful for what I have. I have a dream! [Amaya]

To be able to reach all goals so that I can help others reach theirs.

To become a singer and touch and maybe change, the world through song -Allyson

To eat organic, raw foods.