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Dreams: Personal Goals

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My dream is to become a politician or to become a very successful magazine editor for a fashion magazine.

To over come my Goals and live a happy life with my family.

King Project finds its rightful place in American History. The Best to you!

to find my passion. Brenda J Brooklyn NY

When the time comes to end the day to day rat race of 9 to 5, I will be able to focus on the purpose of my existence...

My dream is for the world to live in peace, from pain , worries , and so much more the world bring.

I dream of America and the world being a place where everyone is able to achieve their dream without any type of discrimination or hatred...

to become a writer.

Touch a life on this earth, encourage our fellow brother and sisters to know that the journey is not over. "Freedom is still our Reach. Loop up and let God lend up through" -Natalie

My dream is to be a great dancer and singer and be married to somebody who I love.

To Become The Best Blk Man that i can Be..

Martin is a great person but my dream is He is an a Angel


to get my grades up and for the world to continue

To be a writer & an activist for a cause I am passionate about

For te relationship of my children and their father to be restored.

I want to live in a world that sees men that are not afraid to love & protect their help meets, push their children to the be the best they can be, create meaningful partnerships to see King'...

My dream is to have peace on earth. (As well as to become a CEO)

To be a succesful lawyer

To be successful