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to make the world a better place

To live debt free without being afraid to take chances without failing.

to own my own home, earn my CPA, have a harmonious family, view the rest of the country, and travel the world PS own my car

to operate my own health non-profit that strives to provide exemplary preventive and treatment services to populations in inner-city communities and impoverished third world areas. I hope to really...

I have a dream that I will be rich and I will be in the FBI.

My Dream is to one day be a principal of a highschool, and impact the lives of thousands of young-black men. -Tracey

To become successful in life and be accepted for my character rather than my race anywhere I go!

To discover & develope my God given talents, to love & embrace those less fortunate to pray & to be thankful always, and to be a light that touches the lives of those around me.

to be a teacher to my children

To See the world with Clear Vision.

To creatively empower our youth of all races, religions and backgrounds.

I want to live in a world that sees men that are not afraid to love & protect their help meets, push their children to the be the best they can be, create meaningful partnerships to see King...

My dream is to jump off the cliff and LIVE!!

Succeed in everything I do. To learn to love and help the less fortunate. Stop the violence and just love everyone

To buy my parents a beautiful home and become a U.S. citizen.

To be a teacher and a famous designer but it would've never happened without martin luther King thanks Makayia 10...

Personally- To be someone my son can be proud of and model his life after. Career- To be a forensic technician and help bring justice to victims via DNA. Globally- For people to treat others with...

Is to leave a positive impact on the world. Where my success not only benefits me but others as well.

My dream is to be a doctor. And to be susesful in my life -India

I have a dream that the world will be a better place, without wars and other fatal castastrophes. I have a dream that the world will be cured from all sicknesses. I just had a dream…