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To do the work of an evangelist [Katriaa]

To be a better person be kind to people and have a peaceful life. Dmeira

I want to be Happy With My Life. Jeeyo, Jeenedho. Regards Venugopal

to be very strong and to live very long. I would be the President and talk about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Allison

My Dream is to Be a proskater or a Basket Ball player but Also to prevent the government from taking peoples money and to start my own skateboarding park and shop. Caliph

To become a lawyer. After I've made enough money, I will own a resturant or clothing store. Before I will become a lawer I will go to eigther Columbia, Harvard, Prinstien, or Yail for collage...

My dream is to be debt free. My dream is to be happy and for my children to grow up beautifully and be well rounded adults.

That I make aa's in math [Aliyah Mcewan] 1-14-12...

To be a good girl. -Jasmine

To be able to think about what might have been done in the past - learn from your mistakes - and move on to a bright future

that my legacy/ work will me day change the life of a child or family that I will work with. It's my dream to help change them for the better...

One day all Americans will live the American Dream!

To help many people in need so that everybody could be happy and have a nice life so that nobody would have a bad life and be so happy.

To live a life of significance, and live in a world where unity and love resides.

to be able to continue to serve God, with the same faith and courage as Dr King, that is to do what is required of me by God.

To be successful and happy in life and to surround myself with motivation and supporting family and friends.

for everyone to strive in everything they do in life.

My dream is to be a great role model to my Sunday School Chidren at my church "Power House St. Luke, C.O.G.I.C". I would like to learn the Bible and obtain my Master's & Doctorate...

To be a role model for someone to not just be successful but significant in someone achieving their dream.