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Dreams: Personal Goals

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That God would give us the Black Community the strength to forgive America for her injustice towards us as a people...

My dream is to be the best I can be.

My dream is to be either a marine biologist or zoologist when I am older.

My Dream is to Be a proskater or a Basket Ball player but Also to prevent the government from taking peoples money and to start my own skateboarding park and shop. Caliph

My dream is to provide quality healthcare as a nurse practitioner to third world countries. Also I would like to research a cure for cancer. Tracye

to become a doctor and minor in music.

To live in a world where everyone stays hungry and stay foolish

*To be a billionaire *To share the Word of God with the world *To Encourage & Motivate women & others to live their Dreams DQK

My dream is to become a successful pastry chef and donate money to kids with disabilites

I would like to see you Delcia Fenn. I will always love you. [Alford]

I dream to keep black people equal with whites. To be a peace maker solve the problem of the world

My dream is to jump off the cliff and LIVE!!

My dream is to encourage others as I walk to pursue my God given destiny. To have a family, fulfilling career and financial stability. To have a ministry of hospitality and testimony of Hope.

My Dream is to get all A

My dream is that the world will be peaceful.

My dream is for everyone around me to be happy, and for me to be happy also. My dream is to make a difference.

To have a good life and see my family until we are all in heaven

To be the best person and love everybody as much as i can

My dream is to some day be a cook,a baker, or achef and to I also want to get a good egucation I aslo want to help outher in the envirment every day...

I have a dream to be a dancer...