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For African Americans to start working together more, unifying and taking control of our lives. Taking control of our own Economics. Becoming more independent and self sufficient

TO graduate from VSU and live a health and happy life and spread peace to all.

Don't I wish everyone was goodbye Derontay...

My dream is to be a famous soccer player when I grow up. [Olivia]

Keeping the faith also to my high power help other keep my family together with have keep God in my life. All prayers 4 each other family came to all with my cousin I thanks God 4 her taking the time...

My dream is to enjoy my Retirement. I retract from the [illegible] where they made the money, My dream is for all of us to get job hire a better live.

My dream is to complete school then venture off into the army. Then, while in the army I will finish my education and get my degree. And I will also travel country and citys. By: Iy'Kevea date:...

so many things but first, as a white female to not be questioned of my passion to serve my community which in Washington, DC is majority black-to.

to become a doctor and minor in music.

To understand and teach the world to be better

That teaching INTEGRITY to our children begins at an early age and becomes for them a fabric in the tapestry of their lives.

To become a successful black journalist and give back to my university and my community. I also want to see the MLK monument.

To live with No racism and everyone has equal rights and live with hope. [Josiah]

For my kids to be able to enjoy life abundantly without fear or regret. To live their lives spiritually, with hope of bring recognized for their accomplishments and reward appropriately. I, one day...

My dream is to be a singer to help my family and people with my money!!

To have an healthy and long living earth

To be phenomenal in all things. To be remembered for my charity.

To make a difference [Laura]

to become a writer.

My dream is to be the president.