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To have a happy and successful life while helping others do what I love.

To someday make it up on this board -Seth

To make a positive impact on those I touch - today, tomorrow, everyday

For adults to see, live and experience life through the eyes of children.

Peace and serenity for all Mankind

To be Successful at everything I do! I want to be come a actress and singer and want boys and girls to look up me! 1/15/2012 Anijah

to go to NYU and study journalism

Is to insire and Touch as many people as I can. through the eyes of "God" Peace, Love and Equailty Is my Dream "Linda"...

To do what I feel like to be treated nice

I want to be a cheerleader and to have $100 and 100 apple and be a apple girl and share. [Autumn]

To be a princess [Paityn]

to be a hero for all youth. I want to inspire all youth. God is good. I follow Martin.

Is for color to NOT matter. I dream of a day where people don't look at or care about the color of each others skin. People say it doesn't matter today, but it still does and I'm sad...

My Dream is get good grade

Is to not judge people by their outside appearance. It's true you really can not judge a book by it's cover. My 2nd dream is to patented my 3 ideas and get them on the market...

My dream is to have Dr. King's dream live on and continue to grow within all mankind. We are still not where he would like us to be in terms of living as one and being equal but we are well on...

For my children, and all peoples of the world. That we should live a life free of wants and full of Peace and Love.

My dream is to Be A Famous Choreagraph That is My Big Dream!!! love Tamia

to be successful in my life. I would love to own my own business as a african american woman. I would love to also wake up one day and not be judged in 2012 by the color of my skin. One race=Human...

To utilize my passion for human service and my love of all things public health to empower individuals across the world towards improving their health situations