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My dream is to be a leading social entrepreneur that provides innovative solutions that help solve the public health in America.

To be phenomenal in all things. To be remembered for my charity.

My dream is to make my immigrant father proud and let him know that his sacrifices didn't go unnocticed...

I like my gams I play bascet [Charles]

My dream is to be a happy, healthy, helpful princess.

To become a RN, BSN, MSN, NPS -Kedrial 30349

My dream is to help animals

to be a great dad and influence as many as I can at the importance and influence of doing so.

My dream is to be Very Successful in Whatever I do.

to get my grades up and for the world to continue

I have a dream that I will someday move out my momma's house, and graduate and go to college to be a doctors of many things!!!...

that all the good tv shows aren't cancelled so early...

to share my person for equality with future generations - One day be proud to know I was a part of helping to eliminate racism and injustice

My dream is to become a lawyer and to change the world -Amiran

For my sons to grow up to be confident and happy individuals. And to always remember to take care of others and to be good people.

My dream is to be more open and aware of my past and people that made a way for me to live today.

To see The Beloved Community - in my own Family, in my community, in my country; in the world. And to be the kind of person that can love ever those who have hurt me. Those 1 love [Andy]

My dream is to have Dr. King's dream live on and continue to grow within all mankind. We are still not where he would like us to be in terms of living as one and being equal but we are well on...


To be a teacher and a famous designer but it would've never happened without martin luther King thanks Makayia 10...