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Dreams: Personal Goals

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That we will one day live in Peace without hate. I pray that Gay couples may marry each other without hate from others. Peace & Blessings Natural Creations

Since I had my daughter, the importance of a good start in life became more evident to me, and the thought that there are children who have for grow up without basic resources, is almost in...

Part 1. That my son Michael, daughter La Nisl and granddaughter Karyn live a godly life. I pray that they will give to and help others. I wish my wonderful husband

to be successful in life, and become more than what is expected of me.

My dream is to be a happy, healthy, helpful princess.

My dream is for everyone around me to be happy, and for me to be happy also. My dream is to make a difference.

My dream is to encourage others as I walk to pursue my God given destiny. To have a family, fulfilling career and financial stability. To have a ministry of hospitality and testimony of Hope.

King Project finds its rightful place in American History. The Best to you!

To have a good grade and finish college.

I dream to keep black people equal with whites. To be a peace maker solve the problem of the world

A long health & happy life with my family. Telissa

To live in my purpose of helping people who are disabled to live enriching lives

To become a famous actress on Hollywood and Broadway. Then I want to have a make-up artist

To be a dream-maker.

To Become one of the Best Musicians and a world Leader that Promotes a Better way of Living.

is to one day acheive my dream & inspire those while doing it. Angelica

To be successful in all areas and aspects of my life.

for one not to go back into hard times. Like it was in Martin Luther King Jr.'s days. My dream is to be an football., and basketball player and become famous. Have my own shoes and church. And a...

1. To be succesful in my walk of life. 2. To be the best mom and grandmom or nanna that I can be. 3. For everybody in the world to get along leola Age 50

To live as an example of what God want for us. A life of peace and love. My dream of my life ending is not to [illegible] a life of things but a value to my family and friends to be in God's...