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Dreams: Equality

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I have a dream that all people will see divine truth and can not escape it. I have a dream where violence is known to cause more suffering to the aggressor than the victim...

That Dr. King's dream is realized by all and that one day all people can remember the past but embrace the future together - Brian, New Zealand

To present the opportunities I wasn't able to receive to many generations of young women and men through music.

A world of peace and love, exhibiting to every living being the love and example of Jesus Christ...

My Dream is for my kids to be treated fairly and with respect for who they are.

To always be able to dream big and hope everyone around the world has the same opportunity.

Peace and equal opportunity for all Wayne

Marriage equality for every person in America.

We have a dream for world peace, no animal abuse, happiness for all, end of hunger, and true FREEDOM for all!

i want african american children to be free to realize their dreams and aspirations and be unschackled from profiling and unjust treatment by society ...

For tolerance and understanding - the building steps to peace

to prove my peers wrong and graduate with honors from Virginia Union Unv. And become a pastor.

To achieve success in all my endeavours. For my child Davion to become a great man. For my family to blessed. May god bless us all. Nafessah 2011

to one day be treated equal. I would also like to become a doctor. Lauryn

A Living Wage for All Working People!

To end all gang violence, and live in harmony.

That the world will end this black and white color line and everyone becomes equal. Everyone has a common enemy and that is life itself.

My dream is for 100% equality

My dream is to have WORLD PEACE!!

That we all as citizens of this awesome and dynamic nation live up to greatness of generation past...