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True equality in the work place. Break down barriors for women and people of color. Expose those who turn a blind eye to discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment and above all hold them...

My dream is for the whole world to have freedom and people helping other skinned people -RJ

I dream of a day when all people are free. A day when poverty, war and violence come to an end. I dream of a day when peace and love come first.

Liberty and Justice for all citizens of the United States of America

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.

Hatred is conquered [Mauree]

World-wide equality for all, once and for all!

That everyone will one day understand that there is only one race...The HUMAN RACE!!!

"I have a Dream that one dayall living creatures are treated as equals and we humans become responsible for all natural resources in this beautiful planet we call home" I HAVE A DREAM. *...

To complete my PhD in Social Inequality at Howard University, while continuing to fight to end injustice everywhere.

IMMEASURABLE love, Joy, compassion and equanimity for all living beings

That one day we will have love for all peoples and live in unity- friendly to the earth we live on and evermindful of our Creator's Will for us [illegible]...

I dream that some day people will encourage each other rathern than bring each other down. That we can see each other as people and not as an inconveinance or obtacle in the way of our selfish dreams...

Equality for Gay people everywhere and forever

For all humankind to have the ultimate understanding that we are all the same underneath our differences.

my dream is that one day you can go to school without any idivitual student calling you names for your race or from where you live or for what you do.

that this generation will rise above their social limitations and achieve a better future than the one they have been labeled with.

Hi, my name is Kelsey M and I’m a lesbian. My main goal is for everyone to have an open mind about, sexuality and race, religion, etc. For everyone to stop turning a blind eye to the causes that keep...

My dream is that as an African American woman I will be judged for my gifts, intelligence, and talent FIRST, and no longer be stereotyped, and judged solely by my gender and skin color.

My Dream is to one day have friends of different ethnic backgrounds and to be known as a "Good" friend, not there "Black" friend. though Im proud of my beautiful skin - wann. be...