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I want all african American to someday unite for the betterment and continued existence of our race. Personally I'd like for University Park to become a major city in Illinois...

My dream is for all people immigrants and all too be equal and to be able to get the same jobs, education, and salaries as other americans.

My dream is that everyone will be able to be married.

To assist the world to reduce significantly 1. Poverty 2. Prejudice 3. Greed 4. Ignorance, and 5. Abuse [Ken]

To be an example to all mankind and let them know that God loves all of us equally. To spread the message to the world that "Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy"...

I would like to see if we could make some changes like not being mean to other people that are different. For violence to end and so we can not hurt people in any way.

For black and white to care and share for each other.

For every feee man and woman to have access to free college education and medical care [M. Price]

World Peace, equality, and justice for the human race

My dream has been, and still is, that all men everywhere will realize that all men are equal.

My dream is for the Continuation and futher development of Equality. MLK Jr has paved the way for us. He is appreciated greatly.

All children/students in America can be college educated without the added burdens of finances, sustenance and family problem factored in so they are truly "free" to reach their potential...

IMMEASURABLE love, Joy, compassion and equanimity for all living beings

For all children from all ethnic background to become well versed in the [illegible]

My dream is to live in a world of equality. In which everyone has the means to achieve their own dreams.

My dream to make the world a better place for everyone. [Megan]

Shrisma- I am inventor/designer of the worlds 1st CIVIC RIGHTS FLAG entitled: "From Rosa to Obama." My dream is to have these historical flags sold in stores all over the world...

That Sierra, Silje, Sam & Chanelle will have a bright future; free from artificial restraints of prejudice.

to be truely happy, and to be able to see a world where we as a unit practice what we preach and we teach our children to love wholey with judgements and that the only RACE is human!

That my AA sons may go anywhere + not be judged by the color of their skin. And, I pray for all of our AA Boys in America. May they find their purpose.