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It is my dream that people live without seeing color. We should be judged as Dr. King said by the content of our character! Too many people are not afforded opportunities based solely on their color...

That one day all people of all Race would truly come together. Racism is still alive! That young people would listen and learn from the old pioneers.

My dream is to see a world without any kind of war, complete peace & freedom !!!

that all sentient beings will come to know and show true love and compassion for one another as we are all one family

To someday see our nation be guilty of demonstrating equality that is genuine & diverse in all areas of life

for people of all races and beliefs try to love and respect one another in every aspect. To live with purpose and bless others along the way! And receive all the blessings the creator has in store...

I Have A Dream… that one day, I will have rights to marry, that I, alone can be treated as an equal. NOT as an outcast. One day, that I will not be judged for who I love, but who I AM! This is my...

A world or America where first impression are not defined by the color of your skin.

A Better Life 4 every one... Races, Nationalites Countries, Ganders

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.

My dream is for World Peace through Love and non- violence (god) E:EGM

A lifestyle where everyone is able to truly chase their dream or passion and not be set back based on race, culture, politics or geographical location to promote the betterment of everyone worldwide.

To live in a world where everyone can get along and accept each other for who they are.

That each day one less person has to dream about dignity, respect, and equality.

That all children will have equal opportunities in their lives.

That my children have true access and opportunity to obtain the American Dream

For all children from all ethnic background to become well versed in the [illegible]

To create an interconnected global community based on practices of non-violence and human rights. I hope to contribute to the elimination of racism, sexism, classism in order to achieve societies...

My dream is for everyone to be happy without other people having a say -so in their happiness.

I have a dream that one day everyone will be treated the same. The blacks will be able to go apply for a job and not be neglected or rejected because of the color of their skin. The white people, the...