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Dreams: Equality

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To witness a world of selfless loving individuals where love is currency and motive for all people, and where all may live in harmony. [Casey]

I dream of a day that people will not be denied rights based on their sexuality.

My dream for my country is for everyone to be treated the same. It shouldn’t matter what people look like or if they are poor...

My dream is to one day not feel racial divide in situations of an everyday nature; people not saying this is the bad side of town because it is predominantly black or this must be HUD housing because ...

One day that everyone can be treated equal. Also have a peaceful mind and place [Monique]

Psaml 89:14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of my throne. America has been divided one side wanting righteousness the other side wanting justice. A house divide can not stand...

That we all come together and love each other. All nations under one GOD!

To live in appreciation of everyone's individuality and differences. One World!

for Nation to come together, as family

I dream that my son will grow up happy, healthy and in a world where the differences of our national backgrounds doesn't divide us but rather binds us as unique individuals bringing unique ideals...

for world Peace, & All people treated EQUAL!!!

that equality will still be around

World Peace Love and Happiness Harmona

That one day we will have love for all peoples and live in unity- friendly to the earth we live on and evermindful of our Creator's Will for us [illegible]

Social equality for all in today's media!

My dream is for my biracial children to not have to chose which race they want to belong to and be accepted for the character of their worth and not the "mixed" color of their skin.

A world like Dr. King envisioned.

That men and women will experience true equality in the workplace in the US and abroad


Everyone will be treated equally and fairly